Ensign Lieutenant Alina Troy Mount

Name Lieutenant Commander Alina Troy Mount

Position Counselor

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half vulcan, half bethazoid
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 166 cm
Weight 60 kg
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Medium height, medium long hair
Very attractive and pleasant looking
Hypnotizing from the very first look


Spouse No spouse
Children No children
Father Vulcan Victor Mount
Mother Bethazoid Sylvanna Troy
Brother(s) No brothers
Sister(s) One sister, Soreanna, 3 years older
Other Family No other family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Empath, with deep hypnotizing mind-mingling powers
Ability to change people's minds with one single look into their eyes
Both balanced and sensitive, highly logical and rational, and emotional at the same time
Accuse sense of empathy for everyone's needs
Strengths & Weaknesses -empath
-mind changer
-ability to see in the past, feel the immediate danger in the present and foresee future
-ability to manipulate minds and feelings
-highly logical and rational
-ability to stop wars
- ability to time travel

Weaknesses: sweet toothed , inclined to give up to chocolate bars and chocolate and pistachio cakes, loves sweet alcoholic drinks from time to time
Ambitions To help bring races together
To fight against war
To bring peace ,love and harmony in the universe
Hobbies & Interests - meeting new species, new races
-traveling throughout the galaxies
-changing the worse for the better
-seeing people happy

Personal History -childhood spent on both planets : Bethazoid and Vulcan
- till the age of 19 lived on Vulcan planet
-from the age of 20 lived on Bethazoid land
-worked with various races , met different people, helped different conflicts end, stopped wars and negotiated peace
-no love life (Fell in love pretty late, at 27 - an impossible love which has always kept going on and off for 13 years now)
- unwilling to marry and commit
Service Record -1993-1997: student at the Vulcan Metaphysical Academy
-1997-2002: student at the Bethazoid Psychology of Races Academy
-2002-2006: student at Star Fleet Academy
-2006-2008: counselor on "Theta" Bethazoid spaceship
-2008-2012: ambassador for the Vulcan Ministry
-2012-2013: on leave of absence (retreat on Bethazoid planet for personal matters)
-2013-2017: lieutenant commander on Bethazoid starship "Aurora"
-august 2017 to present time: working on board of Star Fleet USS Enterprise F with multiple tasks: counselor, ambassador and medical healer