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Commander Zachary DeVries

Name Zachary DeVries

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 4
Weight 14 Stone
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Toned and Athletic


Spouse None
Children None
Father Thomas DeVries
Mother Valarie DeVries

Personality & Traits

General Overview A dedicated and Hardworking Officer

Personal History Born on Mar's Zac was your typical boy always in trouble for some reason or other with the law.

As he matured he lacked direction in his life with his parents being away a lot he lived with his grandparents but they struggled to cope with his disruptive influence.

One day after yet again getting arrested his Father gave him a choice boarding school or Starfleet Academy.

Zac being the stubborn person he was choose a different option and enlisted in Starfleet Marines much to his father dismay.

He quickly stood out among the recruits and was directed into Officer Candidate School where he excelled in combat tactics with a focus on the engineering side of the Marines.

When he graduated he joined the Marines Combat engineers and over time he built up a reputation for thinking outside the box and eventually gaining command of a specialist team known only as Delta.

Delta essentially were problem solvers and often found them selves assigned the toughest tasks.

It was during one of these missions that Zac was seriously wounded losing the lower portion of his left leg. Even with a prosthetic he was denied authorisation to return to his unit and was offered a desk job.

After only 6 months flying a desk Zac decided to request a transfer to the Fleet and took up the position of Chief Security and 2nd Officer aboard Starbase Versallies.
Service Record 2398 - Enlisted Starfleet Marines.
2398 - Started Officer Candidate School
2401 - Graduated and Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant
2401 - Assigned to the 3rd Battalion 2nd Platoon XO Marine Combat Engineers
2405 - Promoted to 1st Lieutenant Assigned as Platoon CO
2412 - Promoted to Marine Captain
2414 - Assigned to Special Operations Commander of Delta Team.
2416 - Promoted to Major
2417 - Rank Adjustment Lt Commander
2417 - Transferred to Fleet Operations as a Security Specialist and 2nd Officer aboard Starbase Versaillies
2418 - Promoted to Commander
2419 - Assigned to Uss Enterprise as Executive Officer