Lieutenant Commander Zoey Perkins

Name Zoey Perkins

Position Chief Helm Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 81

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 121 Pounds
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Long dark brown hair reaching her shoulders sometimes tied up on duty depending her mood. Dark brown eyes, dark as space itself. Caucasian White skin tone


Children Tom Perkins
Human Male
44 years
Father Fleet Captain Macsen Perkins *KIA*
Mother Aerona Perkins
Brother(s) Warden Eugen Perkins
½ Human & ½ Caitian Male
4 Year's Older.

Marc Perkins
Human Male
1 Year Younger.
(Quadruplets to Carwyn Perkins + Ryan Perkins + Tj Perkins )

Carwyn Perkins
Human Male
1 Year Younger
(Quadruplets to Marc Perkins + Ryan Perkins + Tj Perkins )

Ryan Perkins
Human Male
1 Year Younger.
(Quadruplets to Marc Perkins + Carwyn Perkins + Tj Perkins)

Tj Perkins
Human Male
1 year Younger
(Quadruplets to Marc Perkins + Carwyn Perkins + Ryan Perkins)

½ Human & ½ Gorn Male.
37 Year's Younger
Sister(s) Thanthaa zh'Shendre
½ Human & ½ Andorian Female
4 Year's Older.

Commander Aeronwen Perkins
Retired Judge Advocate General Officer
Human Female
3 Year's Older

Eurwen Perkins
Former Secretary of Homeland Security for The Fedration
Human Female
2 Year's Older
Other Family Other Family

Caitian Male
Married to Eugen Perkins.

Vice Admiral Dagmar Perkins
Director of Starfleet intelligence
Human Female

Commodore Paquito Perkins
Task Force 87 XO
Human Male

Admiral Marijuana Bronwen-Lewis
Fleet Gamma Commanding Officer
Human Female

Vice Admiral Kamal Lewis*KIA*
Director of Starfleet Operations
Human Male

Governor S'kebm
Gorn Male

Butch DeLoria
Human Male
Ex-Boyfriend & Baby daddy

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zoey is a girl all for protocols even if she's unpolished shoe's she'll write it up. On and off duty she is a jolly calm you can sense it but she hasn't been seen smiling. Off duty, she can be seen in the holodeck practing her piloting or combat skills.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength
· Battle-hardened
· Brilliant pilot

· Reputation for being a hard ass
· Too clever
Ambitions Settle down one day and start a family.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies
English Football


Personal History Grew up on Earth United Kingdom Wales in the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. It was a small village she spent her childhood here growing up with her brothers and sisters she didn't know her half-blood siblings until she was introduced to them at the age of 12 by her Mother while Daddy was away serving in Starfleet.

She had a good childhood being the good sister she kept an eye out for her brothers and half brothers. She wanted to follow in her father's footstep. SHe wanted to pick Security as her major simply because she spent her time doing sports like basketball and it's something the Perkins legacy has never done before.

Leaving the Academy for field training on Starbase 300 she basically patrolled for 3 hours and spent 4 hours in a shuttle bay. She rarely got fly a shuttlecraft she just spent her time either in the craft or outside of it playing hockey with her shoe with the other young pilots who were also assigned but didn't have anything to do but lay around the bay.

On the USS Rattlesnake, the Chief of Security was blind and the helm officer spent his time in other women's bed thankfully not Zoey's bed as most girls were no longer physically fit for duty... It took them 6 weeks to recover.

Commander Baker sadly passed away during an away mission and so Zoey became the new Chief Security Officer. She enjoyed it fighting the bad guys and going on away missions. But she learnt that her Fathers ship the USS Ark Royal was destroyed. The ship carried her Fleet Captain father that died and her Quadruplet Lieuteant Junior Grade brothers that survived but left them mentally scared... The anger the depression almost overwhelmed her even she was nowhere near the starship.

Later in years, she took over the flight control duties as the previous ruler had been re-assigned she had begun researching what happed threw logs of the ship when she learnt what she needed she took her leave and successfully capturing the murder of her father. Then returned to her starship.

She was transferred to the USS Dager in 2375 as her Security & Second Officer which she really liked it was a nice ship with a brilliant crew she had many laughs and many memories. When the vessel was having a small upgrade at Starbases 1 she left for Gorn to see her mother who married a Gorn Captain now, Governor and to celebrate the birth of their newborn half-human half-gorn baby. This was the only time she could remember the whole full blood siblings being in a single place after the loss of their Father but it was all quickly forgetting seeing the half-gorn baby.

Next year the Starship Wayfarer was at Starbase 80 with heavy damage. Command detached her to Intrepid-class as her Chief Conn Officer. With the gap of the chain of command, she quickly became the ships, second officer. But the ship's acting Captain was going into retirement and was commanding it until it reached Earth Spacedock. The ship ended up fractured into 3 different timezones 3 different Wayfarer's but the events were fixed in a matter of 37 hours. The Captain went into retirement and Zoey was offered the role of First Officer but said no as the former XO now Captain, Akeno Misaki but Zoey offered to find her a suitable replacement. Upon leaving the ship via the airlock in SB 1. Her Nanna Rear Admiral Dagmar Perkins told that she wouldn't be returning to Dager instead she'd be detached to the Pathfinder her brother Tj Perkins was First Officer off but left.

OCC: Work in Progress (wip)
Service Record 2420 - Present
USS Enterprise
Chief Flight Control
Lieuteant Commander - Present

2390 - 2420
Civilian (Retired)
Civilian - Leiuteant Commander

2380 - 2390
Starbase Haven Point
Commanding Officer
Captain - Retired

2376 - 2380
USS Pathfinder
Commanding Officer
Commander - Captain

2376 - 2376
USS Pathfinder
Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander - Present

2376 - 2376
USS Wayfarer
Intrepid Class
Chief Flight Control & Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander - Present

2375 - 2376
USS Dager
Sovereign Class
Chief Security & Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander - Lieutenant Commander

Arrested Sh'wuwiss and returned to active duty after 4 weeks

Personal leave to capture Sh'wuwiss for the murder of her father.

2371 - 2375
USS Rattlesnake
Constellation Class
Chief Flight Control & Chief Security Officer
Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander

2367 - 2371
USS Rattlesnake
Constellation Class
Chief Security Officer
Lieutenant JG - Lieutenant

2361 - 2367
USS Rattlesnake
Constellation Class
Assistant To Chief Security & Flight Control Officer
Ensign - Lieutenant

2358 - 2361
SB 300
Spacedock Class
Support Craft Pilot & Security Officer
Cadet Sophmore - Ensign

2357 - 2358
Starfleet Academy
Major: Security
Minor: Flight Control
Cadet Freshmen - Cadet Sophmore