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Ensign Aquila Kieran

Name Aquila Kieran

Position Engineer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 170 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Physical Description Strong and broad. His features are welcoming and gentle, but reflect his upbringing as a farmer on Bajor.


Father Kieran Dako
Mother Kieran Tressa

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fresh from the Academy, Kieran Aquila (Kay-rahn) is the image of a wanderlust officer with the bravado and drive afforded by a budding career. His aspirations can sometimes fog his normally clear-headed mind, but otherwise he has a very calm and collected demeanor.

Coming from a family devastated fifty years ago by the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, the Aquila family is rooted in a relatively impoverished part of the world. As such, Kieran himself has more than a slanted view of society as a whole. Social attitudes tend to shift after a culturally striking event, and Aquila's attitude towards the world has been shaped according to the word of those fallen on hard times. Prosperity and wealth are the burdens of the poor, and he defies authority not firmly rooted in justice, peace and equality. Kieran is the only member of his family to work outside the confines of his small town on Bajor.

As a pilot, Kieran excelled in the maneuvering and management of starship engines. The more difficult or the greater the challenge, the more feverishly Aquila pursued excellence in his work. To him, the more at stake, the more rewards are to be reaped both in experience and his career.

Strengths & Weaknesses Kieran specializes in Robotics second only to his piloting skills. He devoted much of his time to theory and practice, rather than the study of the actual engines themselves. He has an average rated skill in engineering.

Personal History Born to a low-income family on the outskirts of Bajoran agricultural land, Aquila Kieran has seen his fair share of rough times. He began working on his parent's farm at an early age. He mother was killed by an equipment malfunction when he was ten, and since then his father has found no solice in life other than to blame Kieran for the remainder of their problems. After seven years of emotional abuse, he left home and started a life out on his own.

He found work at a Bajoran monastery, where he found faith and love in the men and women who were more than willing to teach him about patience and kindness. A growing need for substance in his life was filled when he learned about the prophets and their teachings. He took particular interest in their home inside the wormhole.

Thus his desire to see space began.

The monastery was able to teach and provide the young man with all the knowledge and exposure he would need to join Starfleet. After a few years of diligent training and hard work, he was accepted into the Academy.

The USS Enterprise is his first assignment.