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Commander Claire Dunross

Name Claire Elizabeth Dunross M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68m
Weight 125
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Lower end of average height with a slim, athletic build. Long dark aburn hair that can change from looking dark brown to coppery depending on the light. Piercing light green eyes with flecks of blue.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Alistair James Dunross
Mother Hazel Aldridge Dunross
Brother(s) Robert James "RJ" McAlistair Dunross
William Dunross
Sister(s) None
Other Family Claire comes from the large Dunross clan with many cousins and other relatives throughout the galaxy and in Starfleet

Personality & Traits

General Overview General Overview Claire is from a privileged background and was given every opportunity to excel as a child. She had high expectations placed on her to succeed and Claire has a never-fail attitude.

She is an easy-going person who is a good listener and is effortless in expressing empathy. These traits lead to a generally well-liked bedside manner.

Though she was raised in Scotland mostly, Claire speaks very proper English, only slipping into a Scottish burr when overly tired or impaired.
Strengths & Weaknesses She has a strong drive to never fail, but the calm, cool, and collected mask that Claire wears is often covering an inner turmoil of self-doubt.

Her drive to succeed sometimes leads to physical stress as she pushes herself too hard.

Claire loves to indulge a bit too often in Scotch, though not to the point of it impeding her duties.
Ambitions Claire started her career at Starfleet as a first-year medical doctor. After getting through her internships, she shifted her focus to biology and earned a PhD in cellular biology. Her foray into the sciences though was just a temporary diversion and expansion of her knowledge before getting back into practicing medicine.

As she continues to advance her career and medical knowledge, her drive is always for her to get out from under the shadow of her mother, which only she imposes on herself.
Hobbies & Interests Claire is an expert horsewoman having won trophies in dressage and jumping competitions. She has a holodeck program for her favorite horses but especially rides Finnegan a Knabstrupper. She rides as much as possible to stay in shape and relieve stress.

She is also a fluent speaker of Gaelic and French

Personal History Claire is the middle child of three, born into wealth and privilege and the apple of her father's eye. Her earliest memories stem from her brief existence on Trilista Colony where she was born. She was spoiled with the finest education and extracurricular activities in her upbringing. With these opportunities came the expectation to live up to the Dunross name, and not only excel but be the best at what she did.

School and learning came easy for Claire and she was always at the top of her class. She knew from early on in life that she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps and be a doctor. Though she often finished near the top of her traditional education and medical school classes, Claire was only a mid-level Cadet at Starfleet Academy. The military-like structure was difficult for her to slide into and adapt to. She wasn’t used to being rated as average, and it was a blow to her large ego.

As the child of two dynamic, but different people, she was able to pick up the best of each of her parents. She had her father, the leader of the Dunross Corporation, wrapped around her finger. But her mother, a very experienced Starfleet doctor kept Claire's indulgence in check. Claire considers her mother to be her mentor and has learned much under her medical guidance. From her father, she picked up his skill to charm and divert attention from stressful situations, much to her benefit.

Though she grew up in a life of privilege, it was not always sunshine and roses. Both of her parents were quite busy in their careers and were two very different people, each stubborn and passionate people there was often tension and separation in the family unit.

She is very close to and looks up to her older, very serious brother RJ. They often confide in each other when there is no one else in the family to turn to.

Claire's baby brother Will, she loves but does not currently have contact with. He's a bit of a black sheep in the family.

While stationed on the USS Vindicator she was surprised to learn of the existence of her first half-cousins through meeting Colt Dunross. The existence of her father's half-brother Alexandr was never discussed in the family, though neither of her parents was very surprised by the news of her discovery.
Service Record 1st-year medical intern - Zetari Station
2nd - 3rd year - Trilista Colony
4th year - Starfleet Medical
Science Officer - Biology - USS Vindicator
Medical Officer - USS Aires-B