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Cadet Sh'eik

Name Sh'eik

Rank Cadet

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian/K'zinti
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Height 178 cm
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color (Fur Color) Chocolate
Eye Color Emerald
Physical Description Standing at 5 foot 10 inches tall, with a medium physique, Sh'eik is covered from head to paw in dark chocolate coloured velveteen fur.

His paws are a little large for his size, his tail a little on the thick side, though he is not done growing, and being marooned has limited his diet, keeping him from reaching his full potential. Since recovering his health on the Enterprise, he's begun to sprout up, though.

At the end of his tail a thick, chocolate coloured tuft. And from his head, thick chocolate coloured hair pulled into a ponytail that falls nearly to meet with the base of his tail.

In almost garish contrast to his very sombre fur, his eyes are bright emerald green, almost glowing with youthful energy and life. His pupils are slitted in typical felinoid fashion.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father K'Tal (Deceased)
Mother Shan'ik (Deceased)
Brother(s) Sh'Aniq (Deceased)
D'Triiq (Deceased)
Sister(s) Rn'ehk (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sh'eik is not unfriendly, but often has difficulty relating with others, and trusting.

Unlike the typical Caitian diet, as a result of his marooning, Sh'eik is accustomed to and not bothered by eating meat.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Quick thinking and agile, skilled with ranged non energy weapons and an aptitude for tracking and hunting.
Sturdy skeletal build with large hands and footpaws make for sure footedness and good grip.

Not well socialized, traumatized by the loss of his family, and never really feeling at home, often the fuzzball seems at odds with his emotions. This can lead him to be distracted either by discomforting memories or poorly unfolding social situations.

Due to prolonged periods on a previously uncharted moon, with no medical facilities, his immune system is rather weak, leaving him prone to infection.
Ambitions After better than average test scores, and the recommendation on his application, Sh'eik has earned ranged studies with Starleet Academy.
An aspiring pilot, with his first class license, Sh'eik also performs Yeoman's duties for the Enterprise Command division.
In his distant future he hopes to become a chief Helmsman and later to move on to earning his own command.
Hobbies & Interests Archery, Botany, Prototyping, Flying/Piloting.

Personal History Born 239902.14, along with littermates Sh'Anil, D'Triiq, and Rn'ehk, to Researchers K'Tal and Shan'iik. Conceived and born during a mission charting fauna in a distant star system aboard starship Persephone (NAR-92901)

Along with his littermates, parents and a handful of others, was among the survivors when Persephone suffered a catastrophic containment failure of the port side impulse reactor on stardate 240901.22. The resulting explosion critically damaged the ship, disabling it and causing it to fall from it's orbit, marooning the survivors on the planetoid below.

Within the first two weeks over half the survivors died of varying forms of exposure, including both his parents and his sister. The remaining senior officer alive, worked steadily with him to teach him to repair what little of the ship's systems remained, and how to survive off available resources on the planet surface.

With little time to grieve, the remaining survivors salvaged what they could of the ship, to build shelter, and worked steadily on trying to get communication's equipment functional to send a distress signal. However, on a hunting excursion the remaining crew members were killed, by a large predator, before the work was finished. This left Sh'eik and his two brothers alone.
Surviving on his own with only his siblings to care for one another, Sh'eik has grown without the aid or support of his clan.

Still young and not fully grown, he's been forced to mature quickly to learn the skills necessary for survival in an inhospitable environment.
Fairing fairly well, the three lived and grew until stardate 241207.11 when D'Triiq ingested a parasite through a new type of berry the trio had come across while foraging, and the boys did not have the necessary medical skills to treat him.

After D'Triiq passed on stardate 241207.20, Sh'Anil became depressed and mentally unstable. Shortly afterwards, despite his brothers best efforts to alleviate his grief, Sh'Anil took his own life. Leaving Sh'eik completely on his own to fend for himself.

With no one to interact with and a vast supply of data at his disposal, Sh'eik turned entirely to studying the technology of his ship and the salvaged equipment, to distract himself from the reality of his situation.

Working each day towards his goal, he was finally able to salvage, equip and launch one of the Persephone's old probe's to carry an emergency beacon to orbit, and launch it towards the nearest inhabited system.

Without any further goals, he delved into other topics and systems relating to his ship, anything really to distract him from his fate, and the fate of his family. To keep his hope alive, that he would be found.

Rescued on Stardate 241410.27 by Lieutenant Commanders Dhej and Rinehart, of the USS Enterprise-F, the young Cait is integrating slowly into ship life, trying to find his place after being marooned so long.

Earned entry to starfleet academy, with ranged studies, stardate 241510, entering as a first year cadet.
Service Record 241510.01 - Gained Rank Cadet First Class - Positioned as Yeoman - USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F