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Lieutenant Kerenal

Name Kerenal

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 168lbs
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Appearing as a mid thirties human male, Kerenal's true age is only evident to the people who know him, or those privvy to his Starfleet records (even though they only list an approximate age)

His hair is always kept short and tidy, dirty blonde in colour with only a slight hint of grey, the El-Aurian trims his facial hair once every week or two, preferring stubble over a full beard or being clean shaven.


Spouse Widower
Children One, Daughter - Kate
Father Unknown - Deceased
Mother Unknown - Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kerenal by his very nature is a wanderer, after fleeing from his homeworld and losing his family in the process, he found peace wherever he could find it, he spent centuries wandering, eventually settling on Vulcan.

In addition to his property on Vulcan, Kerenal also owns extensive property in the Scottish Highlands on Earth and a small property in Manchester.
Strengths & Weaknesses Despite his looks, Kerenal is much older than anyone knows, it is his age which gives him a depth of understanding and experiences, while he currently sits at a helm console, the El-Aurian can turn his hand to many tasks. He has a very good grasp on the history of the Alpha and Beta quadrants, having been around for the last few hundred years.

Although he is still fit, the El-Aurian dislikes getting involved in physical confrontations, preferring to talk his way out of them if possible, or avoid them completely.

Physically he is just an average man, he has a basic level of martial arts learnt through the years and can defend himself if pushed, but should he find himself in trouble, he would need assistance.
Hobbies & Interests While living on Vulcan, Kerenal put his heart and soul into learning a craft he had picked up while home on El-Auria, he is an avid carpenter and while he could replicate or requisition the furniture he needs, he still prefers to build his own when he is able to.

Back at his home on Vulcan, the El-Aurian has also amassed a large library of books from nearly every culture in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, all on custom made shelving, while he wasn't able to bring them with him, he keeps the collection in stored on a personal server which he can access remotely.

Personal History Born on El-Auria on an unknown date to parents who he refuses to talk about, Kerenal was a strong young man and spent most of his time working with his father as a carpenter making decorative furniture, for many years the work made him strong and also gave him time to think about alot of things.

When the borg attacked their homeworld he and his family attempted to flee but his parents and two sisters were caught and assimilated before they could make it to one of the last ships to leave the system, after many years running from them he and the others on the ship decided to split up, as many of their race did.

After aimlessly wandering around most of the Alpha Quadrant trying to find a home, Kerenal made a home on Vulcan, where people did not ask too much about his past and left him to himself, he spent 141 years on Vulcan, crafting the same wooden furniture he had while on El-Auria, before moving to Earth and finding a quiet place in the scottish highlands.

Over the many years he spent wandering Kerenal had amassed a huge collection of literature from many different cultures, most of his library now lies in custom built shelves organised by culture and date.

When the war with the Second Dominion broke out, Kerenal decided that the skills he gained behind a tactical console on his travels might help and applied to Starfleet Academy, after flying through all of his exams and his cadet cruise he was posted to Starbase 369 after the crew of the USS Vindicator and a task force had defended it from a Jem Hadar and Krivaldi battle group.

After serving for a few months on the starbase Kerenal put in for a transfer to starship duty, after waiting for a significantly long time his request was granted and he was ordered to Starbase Zetari in the Gamma Quadrant to join the USS Cortez.

But as is the way of things, Kerenal got restless behind a tactical console, he needed to try something different, so he left the Cortez and travelled back to San Francisco to begin training in various other departmental duties including Helm and Operations, it was during his Helm course that he found something he truely enjoyed.
Service Record Starbase 369, Tactical Officer
USS Cortez, Tactical Officer
USS Archer, Chief Helm Officer
USS Crazy Horse, Chief Helm Officer