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Lieutenant Alyssa Lucas

Name Alyssa Noelle Lucas

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description As a Security Officer, Alyssa is very keen on how to take care of her body. She has an athletic, toned physique that–when off-duty–she usually covers with flattering clothing. She likes being a woman and showing her feminine side when she can. People say she has soft, warm eyes that they find both comforting and alluring. Normally she keeps her hair regulation, but will experiment with new styles from time to time. Aly has a fantastic smile, although she’s more prone to give quirky grins and smirks. She has one tattoo on her inner left wrist: ” Live without regrets ” written in small letters. A second tattoo on her right ankle "Daddy's little girl" with a small butterfly on it.


Father Commander Jonoh Lucas - Deceased
Mother Elizabeth Lucas
Brother(s) Alex Lucas
Other Family Admiral Tanner Lucas - deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alyssa has a very calm, deliberate way about her that people find both friendly and soothing. Her quirky sense of humor is equally as effective at calming people as it is to put someone in their place. She can have a bit of a temper when riled, which is something she works very hard at controlling. She isn’t afraid to use fists, feet, or weapon when it comes to protecting her crew and herself. She is wholly devoted to her duties as a Security officer and in general is a confident person.

One of her biggest attributes is the ability to quickly assess problems and solutions correctly, which is a MUST for any good officer. She’s not above pampering herself–especially with chocolate and massages. Socially, she is a little bit of an introvert, preferring individual company or very small groups. Still, Aly likes to have new experiences, whether it’s trying on the latest fashion or crawling through the mud..

Because of the situation between her and her mother, she often has trouble connecting with other females, but had little trouble making friends with guys.
Strengths & Weaknesses Alyssa is an enigma to most. Professional manner, Clear, quick thinking, Notably reserved socially, doesn't like to show people her vulnerable side so she hides her emotions. She can be very playful and taunting once you get to know her. She is caring but tries not to show it. She isn't a "people" person. Some may see her as arrogant, strengthen by the fact She prefers working instead of socializing.
Hobbies & Interests Apart from physical combat in all of its forms Which in training and contests she often performs. Aly loves music, song, dance and show, She spends a lot of time playing roles on the holodeck.

Alyssa is well-known for her extraordinary competence in food. Creating food and drink, even lavish feasts. Something that she got from her grandmother. Cooking when she can, she prefers to use fresh products Which she stores in stasis pods, ready for use, Everything: lettuce, fruits, seafood, and even deer.

She loves the outdoors, to hike, camp, hunt, fish and swim. And will use the shore leave time to go out on a whim.

Personal History Alyssa Lucas was born and raised on the shores of Oregon. Her grandfather on her father's side was Admiral Tanner Lucas and his stories of the early days of the Federation Exploration Corps helped fuel a sense of wanderlust and adventure that frankly didn’t really need any extra fueling. Being the younger sybling, Aly had a curiosity and brash sense of adventure that led her to continue to push the boundaries of her ever expanding world.

Exceptionally bright and blessed with an energetic nature, Aly challenged herself beyond her advanced studies. All the while, learning as much as she could about the growing Federation around her. She had an unnatural ability to read people and pick up on things most people seemed to miss, making her a good detective. She was also possessed of an insatiable curiosity that led her to explore the wilderness around her by bike and by sail as soon as she could manage both.

She took accelerated courses and graduated early entering College at the age of fifteen and cut a year off her stay at the University of Oregon, Doing some side training with her brother at the local police academy. She applied and got into the Starfleet program in San Francisco almost on ambition alone. She was accepted to Starfleet Academy on her first try, barely scraping through the entrance exam, leading some to speculate about the Admiralties involvement.

Breaking the news to her mother had been a difficult thing to do. She was the only one in her family that hadn't yet known what she was planning on doing. Her relationship with her mother had always been rocky. Elizabeth had always been a bit frustrated with her daughter, after all she wanted her little girl to grow up a lady. Had even tried teaching her how to act like one during summer vacations. Yet Aly was her fathers child, and while her mother was threatening to disown her if she left, he was encouraging her to follow her dream. Reminding her mother that she still had one child that was staying on Earth and out of Starfleet.

For the most part life at the Academy was uneventful, training and learning everything she could. She once more was proving herself to be a top student. Towards the end of her second year at the Academy, Aly and her friends were at the local bar on a Friday night. After a few hours of drinking, pool playing, and trash talk, she decided to head home. She was maybe a block from the bar when she was caught off guard and slammed into a wall knocking. Stunned, she tried to defend herself from the attack. She managed to catch a glimpse of her attacker and recognized him as one of the men she had demoralized at pool earlier that evening. If it hadn’t been for one of her classmates coming along, it might have gotten much worse. As the bruise, cuts, and fractures healed, she realized that she needed to work at keeping her pride in check and stay out of the pool halls.

Her father and brother were the only two that showed up when she graduated. They were there when she received her first orders for the USS Atlantia. Wanting to do one last thing before she took off, she got a tattoo on her inner left wrist. "Live without regrets"

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