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Lieutenant Keál

Name Keál

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 2.2351 m
Weight 141.61 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Standing at nearly seven feet four inches tall, Keál is lean and in prime physical condition. Like all Caitians, he has retractable claws on his hands and feet which he employs as a powerful persuasive technique not to engage him in hand to hand combat. His tail is long and uniform in thickness with no tuft at the end. He has great control over it's movements but it is far from prehensile. Keál's most striking feature are his eyes. Green the color of emeralds and possessed of an almost inner light, he often finds himself uncomfortably locked in the eye contact of other species.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Grrm
Mother B'ress
Brother(s) Ra'law
Sister(s) B'ka and B'thrss
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally a very relaxed and easy going male of his species, Keál has been known to brood from time to time leading him to very dark personal thoughts. Caitians have a natural stealth which has evolved over the millennia as a result of their environment and predator instinct. Keál is considered by many to be exceptional as a hunter because of his ability to stalk virtually undetected. Because of his black fur color he is best suited to night time and low light hunting.
Strengths & Weaknesses Caitians are divergent in many ways from the Earth feline. Keál is active and energetic for up to 18 hours a day needing very little down time. His sleep is often fitful and short lived due to the keen, cat like senses his species possesses. His diet consists of high energy foods rich in protein and vitamin D. Poor diet can lead to extreme fatigue and eventual regression to more base animalistic behavior.
Ambitions Keál is career driven with his sights set on a medical command of his own someday. He enjoys the study of all sentient life and has focused his efforts on extending life through the use of nanotechnologies.
Hobbies & Interests Xenobiology and nanotechnology are two of Keál's keen interests. He enjoys watching the interactions of various types of life and often employs the holodeck for behavioral studies of predator and prey scenarios.

Personal History Keál, son of Grrm and B’ress, was born on the eighth month of the standard year 2379 in a litter of four cubs. His childhood home, on Cait, was a ranch on the northern savanna continent of Pirrrem. He would often race his brother and sisters along the winding river near their ranch. He had an atypical isolationist upbringing and developed his hunting and stealth skills slightly early and a bit more keenly as a result.

Once Keál turned sixteen he joined the Ferasa Self-Defense Force where he learned to fly and navigate (Ferasa is the Caitian name for their planet). Once he began to patrol the asteroid belt in the Lyncis System he developed an interest in science, alien cultures, and after his survival training, medicine. Upon completing his initial two year tour in the FSDF, Keál applied to the Starfleet Medical Academy where he hoped to study xenomedicine and earn his medical degree and license. His application was accepted and Keál left Ferasa (Cait) for San Francisco, Earth.

His first two years at the academy were hard, as the basic language used to teach most of the courses was harsh and guttural compared to the soft, rolling, Caitian language he had grown up with. Keál did not let that detour him however and he attended speech therapy and linguistics classes on his own time to improve his speech and understanding of the basic language, and several others spoken by members of the Federation. By his fourth year at the academy very few people could notice much more than a slight roll of his R’s and rattle to his S’s when he spoke basic.

At the Academy Keál earned his certification for continued studies in medicine while minoring in xenobiology and flight control. He earned top marks in his flight control studies and was awarded a superior performance medal by the Dean. In addition he became a member of the elite Nova Squadron flight team while a sophomore and led the team as a senior.

After graduation Keál continued, on track, with his post graduate doctor of medicine degree and took advantage of his time at the Academy to continue his studies in xenobiology and xenosurgical techniques. Keál began his residency immediately after graduation serving as an intern at Mars, Utopia Planitia Shipyard for eighteen months. He then returned to Earth, a licensed physician, where he undertook a fellowship in diagnostic medicine at Starfleet Medical and taught a course in triage medicine to undergraduates at the Starfleet Medical Academy as his first official posting as an Officer.

By late 2409 he had made Lieutenant Junior Grade and in 2411 he was promoted to Lieutenant after his first review. Keál began looking at a posting shipboard shortly after his promotion but was sidetracked by the death of a fellow professor and friend. Keál stepped in and took over instruction of the xenobiology course in the interim, effectively pulling double duty as an instructor.

Midway through November in 2412 Keál received a PADD from his friend and colleague at Starfleet Medical informing him of a new posting and his immediate dispatch to the post of Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Vindicator, a newly commissioned Discovery Class Starship.
Service Record SD 239801 – Volunteered for Starfleet Medical Academy (Status: Accepted)
SD 239908 - Privilege Granted (Nova Squadron Member)
SD 240108 - Privilege Granted (Squadron Leader, Nova Squadron)
SD 240206 – Graduated with Bachelor of Medicine degree, Minors in general science and astrophysics (Status: Awarded summa cum laude)
SD 240206 – Received the following certifications from training:
1. Science-General Studies
2. Science-Astrophysics
3. Fighter Pilot Certification Course
SD 240206 – Enrolled in Advanced Medical Studies, Starfleet Medical Academy (Status: Accepted)
SD 240612 – Received the following certifications from training:
1. Senior Officer Training
SD 240701 – Graduated with Doctorate of Medicine(Status: 99.8%, Above Average Total)
SD 240701 – Received the following certifications from training:
1. Combined Medical Studies
SD 240701 – Activated as full Ensign in the United Federation of Planets
SD 240701 – Residency approved, Utopia Planitia Shipyard, Mars
SD 240804 – Residency completed, Utopia Planitia Shipyard, Mars (Status: Board Qualified)
SD 240805 – Fellowship approved, Starfleet Medical (Diagnostic Medicine and Xenosurgical Instruction)
SD 240805 – Posted to School of Undergraduate Medicine (Triage Basic and Advanced Studies Instructor)
SD 240903 – Advancement (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
SD 241009 – Advancement (Lieutenant)
SD 241106 – Collateral Duty Accepted (Interim Xenobiology and Xenomedicine Studies Instructor)
SD 241211 – Posted to USS Vindicator NCC-78213-E (Chief Medical Officer)