Ensign Taylon Alcor

Name Taylon Corris Alcor

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 170
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Taylon Is of fairly average height and build. He has the characteristic dark hair and extremely dark eyes of most Betazoids. He is more lean than muscular with a swimmer's build. He has been blessed or cursed, depending on the situation, with extremely youthful looks. No matter what he does, he just looks like a kid. His father is the same way even now looking more like his older brother than his parent.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Ardis Alcor
Mother Daneev Alcor
Brother(s) Gothis (38) and Netan (31, twin)
Sister(s) Mina (35)
Other Family Large extended family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Taylon is a happy, upbeat person by nature. Very little gets him down for long. He is a people person, a very good trait fro a counselor, and he genuinely loves to help others. His desire to seek out and see the best in people has sometimes blinded him to some of the darker aspects of those in his personal life. Oddly, that isn't the case in his professional life where he tends to have a very accurate sense of those around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Taylon's optimism is one of his greatest strengths. He never gives up, and he always believes there is some good in everyone and some positive aspect to every situation. Some see those as weaknesses as well, but he chooses not to. He's an excellent student and a quick learner, though some of the more highly technical aspects of life in Starfleet are not his strengths. The major weakness he sees in himself is his tendency to bite off more than he can chew, often finding himself trying to juggle multiple projects at once.
Ambitions He hopes to do well in his new career in Starfleet. It's a huge change from his ofrmer private practice, but he's looking forward to the change of pace and challenge. He's finally feeling as though he's moving past the disasterous relationship that pushed him to join Starfleet, he hopes to start building new friendships and perhaps even a closer relationship. As far as personal development, he's is constantly working on some new research paper or addition to his degrees. He's become almost a bit OCD about collecting more letters after his name. His own counselor calls it sumblimation, but Taylon believes there is never such a thing as too much education.
Hobbies & Interests cooking and trying new dishes, reading, swimming, singing and music

Personal History Taylon is the youngest of four children, younger than his identical twin Netan by nine minutes. Like most Betazoid children, his telepathic abilities didn't develop immediately except, as with most Betazoid twins, with Netan. The two were inseperable. Their closeness actually led their parents to get them into counseling early to make sure they developed properly and learned to separate their personalities into individuals rather than as a single unit. That's where Taylon first found an interest in the profession.

As he grew, he continued his interest in people and helping others. He volunteered his timewithvarious social service groups and even animal shelters. He grew to keenly feel the suffering of others no matter the species. He and Netan continued to be extremely close, but the successful intervention in their youth allowed them to develop very different interests. Netan had a strong affinity for hard science and mathematics, which he pursued as doggedly as Taylon pursued the softer sciences.

As the time came to pursue more advanced training, they each decided to go to the University of Betazed. They took very different academic paths, but decided to room together because of their own close relationship. It was there that Netan met the woman who would become his wife. Despite being identical in most ways, Netan and Taylon had always been attracted to different genders. Taylon was overjoyed for his twin, though a bit jealous. Taylon dated, even had a relationship or two, but nothing that really took.

After graduating, Taylon opted for a change of scenery. He took a position working on a doctoral degree on Earth. He spent four years studying and researching before successfully defending his dissertation and earning his Ph.D. at 27. He stayed on Earth to begin working as a counselor, moving to San Francisco to take an adjucnt position with SF Medical as an outside consultant for psychological reviews. He was always looking for ways to further and expand his education, and his test scores were excellent, so he opted to take advantage of the benefit of taking Academy classes his job allowed. Over the next three years, he took a variety of courses with the cadets, managed a private caseload, and worked part-time for Starfleet. He also met Michael.

Michael was an architect working in San Francisco. Taylon fell fast and hard for the man...apparently faster and harder than Michael himself did. After nearly a year together, Michael met one of Taylon's co-workers at a reception and was instantly taken with the man. Taylon was torn. He was heartbroken at losing what he had thought was 'the one,' but could sense the love Michael had found. He couldn't begrudge the man happiness, but he couldn't stay. Talking with his supervisor at SF Medical, they came up with an unusual solution.

Considering the degrees Taylon had already earned and the classes at the Academy he'd been taking for fun, it turned out that he actually wasn't that far from completing all the requirements for graduation from the Academy. His work had been exemplary, his boss knew he could fill a desperate need, and Starfleet offered him another change of scenery. His supervisor sponsored his application for an expedited program at the Academy, and Taylon took on a hellish year as a non-traditional cadet. Using more work at SF Medical as his cadet cruise, Taylon graduated just over one year later as a fast-tracked Ensign.
Service Record - Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Medical specializing in counseling and personnel management
- Assigned to USS Enterprise as Chief Counselor in recognition of previous experience