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Captain Rozen Coo

Name Rozen Edward Coo PhD

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green


Spouse Kathryn Coo née Frakes
Children Sophie Coo (born 201011.XX)
Father Montag Coo
Mother Kameleta Coo née Lazoo
Brother(s) Jareco Coo
Sister(s) Kia (Sister-In-Law) Coo née Galloway

Personality & Traits

Ambitions Have his own science ship commissioned and captain it into the remaining unknown parts of the galaxy.

Personal History Rozen Coo was born on August 13th 2482 to parents Kameleta and Montag Coo in the small town of Lakewood, Michigan, Earth. Rozen had a quite childhood in this small town and learned to appreciate nature and found a fondness for science. His parents were geologist and even in his old age Montag still analysis the occasional data. Rozen was expected to follow in their footsteps but his parents noticed his love for a different type of science: xenobiology and botany. In secondary school a teacher of his, Dr. Matthew Willey, helped Rozen realize how much he truly loved science. When Rozen went to college he received a degree in xenobiology and was working towards his degree in botany when he decided to return home. Just before he was to return home from college Dr. Willey found Rozen just before he left for home and pushed him towards the Star Fleet Academy. Luckily Rozen listened to his old mentor. While at the academy Rozen met his future wife, Kathryn, in the library, yet she was not a Cadet. After two years of dating Kathryn they married back in Rozen's hometown of Lakewood. Once Rozen received his post on Zetari Station Kathryn returned to Lakewood to stay with Rozen's parents. After a few months on station Rozen received a message from his wife that she was now pregnant. With help from Commander Preston, Rozen made it home to see the birth of his daughter, Sophie. After the birth Rozen, Kathryn and young Sophie returned to Zetari for Rozen to re-assume his post. Upon his arrival back to Zetari Station was promoted to head of xenobiology department. After some turmoil between the outgoing Chief of Science and the Command Staff the station was left without a Chief Science Officer. After some time Rozen was eventually promoted to Lieutenant and was to assume the position of Chief Science Officer. Later, after a mission the CO (Captain Ryan Edwards) was left in a comma and the XO (Commander Tamara Akasy) faced personal issues (a pregnancy) that she stepped down to raise the child. The 2XO (Commander Kassandra Denterius) was promoted to Captain and assumed the position of Commanding Officer. The Command staff brought in someone to fill the vacant XO position and Rozen was to assume the position of 2XO. Rozen acted as the Second Officer of Zetari Station until he went on an away mission that changed everything for him personally. On an away mission to a planet (Iota 23) commanded by Rozen the Runabout they were on (USS Flint) crashed violently on the planet. During the course of the mission 2 crewmen were lost and Rozen felt personally responsible for the loss. These demons followed him back to Station life where he made the decision that being in the Line of Command and possible having to make calls for the station in a time of emergency proved to much for the young officer. Rozen resigned as Second Officer. Rozen continues his work as Chief Science Officer and even in his spare time conducts his own research, having acquired his PhD. After the destruction of Starbase 204-B, "Zetari Station", Rozen and his family moved back to earth where Rozen was promoted to Commander, and Director of Starfleet Science. After a period of time Rozen was promoted to Captain and transferred to a scientific frontier, USS Enterprise: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations.
Service Record 241004.20 Arrives at Zetari Station
241005.20 Promoted to Ensign
241008.03 Promoted to Lieutenant JG
241011.21 Promoted to Head of Xenobiology Department, Zetari Station
241012.27 Promoted to Lieutenant
241012.27 Promoted to Chief Science Officer, Zetari Station
241108.05 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
241108.05 Promoted to Second Officer, Zetari Station
241211.20 Resigns as Second Officer, Zetari Station
241409.02 Zetari Station Destroyed, Position: Unassigned
241409.16 Promoted to Commander
241409.17 Starts Sabbatical
241411.XX Resumes Duty
241411.XX Promoted to Director of Starfleet Science
241601.24 Promoted to Captain
241707.12 Transferred to Commanding Officer, USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F