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Ensign Eelkom Raiem

Name Eelkom Raiem

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 137 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Raiem has a tanned complexion with smooth and flawless skin. He is a man of short stature and slim athletic build. His smile is wide and cheeky, with a set of straight pearly white teeth. He appears to take really good care of himself.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Eelkom Turdan - 52
Mother Eelkom Oazaw - 49
Brother(s) Eelkom Shaierun - 34
Sister(s) None
Other Family Detem Ibi - Deceased - (Grandfather Figure)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Considerate, practical, caring, dedicated, creative, tactful.

Weaknesses: Impatient, naive, shy, messy.
Ambitions To obtain a doctorate someday and teach at Starfleet Academy someday.
Hobbies & Interests Reading

Personal History Raiem grew up in an isolated Bajoran convent in a southern tropical continent on Bajor. Strict adherence to minimal technology use and orthodox religious values were instilled from the very beginning of his life. Both of Raiem’s parents were orphaned shortly before the Bajoran occupation ended – after its end and the formation of this cult, a number of babies were adopted into the convent to be raised by its intital member families. Raiem’s parents, having spent nearly the entirety of their lives as part of this convent knew little else of the world around them. It was often thought that Raieme was not his parent’s child, as he was the second sibling and nothing like the rest of his family.

Even as a child, he had a natural and instinctive curiosity of the world. He was always asking questions and wanting to know more about the world around him. He seemed disinterested in the strict orthodox nature of their convent. It was this characteristic that caught the eye of an elderly Bajoran neighbour, Detem Ibi, whom took Raiem under his wing and in secret taught him subject matter beyond what would be acceptable in the convent.

Raiem spent a lot of time with Ibi as a child, often under the guise of helping the old man with chores and everyday tasks. The relationship he developed with this man very paternal, grandfather like. It would be many years before Ibi was caught teaching Raiem. After tribunal, Raieme was devastated when Ibi was excommunicated from the convent.

Things were never the same after Ibi’s excommunication. Raiem became very distant and cold. He also became very resistant towards the mandatory religious practices required by convent law. At the age of 14, Raiem was brought to council as well and given a choice: to surrender to the convents ways or be excommunicated himself.

The young and rebellious teenager voiced his discontent and hatred for their way of life and as a result was shipped away from the convent. He would never be allowed to see his family again… All attempts to contact them with fall of deaf ears.
Having been forced into a nearly foreign existence on Bajor, Raiem endured a very long few months as a young teenager without a home. Life on the streets was extremely overwhelming for him and he did get into some trouble with the law. It was his initial arrest that was able to connect him back with Ibi, who the authorities tracked down.

Ibi retrieved Raiem from the juvenile facility he was at and promised authorities that the young man would be no more trouble for them. Ibi had been able to retrieve work as a tallor in one of the major cities in a nearby province. He took Raiem under his wing and enrolled him in a specialized school, one that would allow a more one on one approach given Raiem’s special circumstances.

Life was very different from this point on. Raiem was a sponge and the universe was now his oyster. He accelerated in his studies, helped Ibi with his work in the tallor shop to earn his keep. This went on for a few years and life was great for the both of them. Shortly after Raiem turned 16, he found Ibi had passed on peacefully in his sleep. The young Bajoran was devastated but was determined to make his ‘grandfather’ proud of him.

Joining Starfleet was something which had come to mind in his previous two years of study. Raiem had especially excelled in mathematics and sciences in his programs. The young man made a deicision to immigrate to Earth in order to continue his studies and attempt his entry into the Academy.

It was a very big adjustment period for Raiem in his initial year of living on Earth. He had been so isolated most of his life, the adjustment to the copious amounts of species and cultures on Earth was very overwhelming to him. He did acquire work in a small tallor shop and managed entry into a Starfleet Academy entrance preparation program.

Sadly Raiem was not successful in the entrance testing his first time around. He decided to try again the following year and continued his preparation studies and work in the tallor shop. After having turned 18, Raiem was able to obtain the marks needed in order to gain entry to the Academy.

His next four years were focused on the basic generalized Academy programs but with focus on the Sciences. Raiem took special interest in astrophysics and sterllarcatography. He did maintain a small social life but given his shy nature, developed only a small number of close friendships during his time at the Academy.

Upon graduation he applied for a Starship Science Officer posting and was granted his first assignment aboard the USS Crazy Horse.

Aboard the Crazy Horse as a junior officer, Raiem became close with an old enlisted science officer by the name of Mabel Kuznetsov. Mabel took the young officer under her wing and the two worked together on many projects within the department. The young Bajoran officer made his rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade aboard the Crazy Horse and served nearly two years.

An opportunity to advance his career presented itself as Assistant Chief Science Officer of Starbase 788. Mabel encouraged him to accept the posting and kept in close contact with him for the three years he served aboard the station. Raiem worked closely on developing a new type of sensor array, a personal project of his which he hoped to turn into PhD work someday. It remained a project shared by both himself an Mabel.

Shortly after three years of service on Starbase 788 Raiem received transfer orders to take over the science department on the USS Artemis. After another two years of service and developing a loyal and close relationship with his CO and XO he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He was also given the Second Officer position to develop his command responsibilities. Shortly after this he managed to pull a favour in and get Mabel transferred to the Artemis as well.

Raiem served throughout the second dominion war aboard the Artemis until the ships destruction only a month before the wars end. Both his CO and XO as well as numerous other close colleagues he had formed relationships with had perished in the Artemis’ last valiant fight. Thankfully his dearest friend and colleague Mabel survived with him.

After the war, Raiem took a break from starship service as he dealt with the emotional aftermath from the lengthy conflict. The Bajoran decided to focus on his studies and take his former sensor work with him into work with Starfleet Science in Research and Development. Mabel continued to consult but retired from Starfleet herself after many decades of service.


Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS Crazy Horse - Science Officer (ENS-LTJG)
Starbase 788 - Assistant Chief Science Officer (LTJG-LT)
USS Artemis - Chief Science Officer (LT-LTCMDR)
USS Aretemis -Chief Science Officer / Second Officer (LTCMDR)
Stafleet Science - Research & Development (LTCDR)
Starfleet Science / Starfleet Academy - Admiral's Attache (LTDR-CDR)
USS Enterprise - Executive Officer - PRESENT (CDR)