Posted on 241804.05 @ 2:41pm by Captain Cooper Williams

Greetings all,

I'm going to be quick here. First and formost thanks to the simmers that have helped keep Enty going! You are a valued asset and great friends. we're wrapping up the plot so any and all recommendations for awards and promotions need to get to me ASAP. I'm also very concerned that 5 simmers ended up carrying the plot. I realize that I was amung one of the many non loggers for a schedule reopened up and I'm back to pushing as many logs as I can out.
I want to make sure people realize that Enty may not be the most recognized sim in any group, but any ship with the name has a very high reputation. I want to try and keep that reputation high so that one day expectations meet reputation. To that end I'm asking anyone who is planning on staying active to contact me immediately. I'm going to be working dilligently to find an XO which that search is almost done...but if there is a chief's position, I'm trying to get it filled.

My goal is to get us back up and logging. Once we get back to charted space, I'll do a short shore leave...have fun and relax. I've got a couple of plot ideas, but I'm always open to suggestions. You guys deserve and will get better than you've gotten. That's a promise.




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