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A Couple Of Things

Posted on 241411.16 @ 1:36am by

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to quickly mention a couple of things. As you may have read in the last log that went out, I've been assigned as Acting Commanding Officer. I will strive to keep the sim on track, and will work to make sure everyone is active. That being said, I want to mention that I am available if anyone is having any problems knowing what to post, or has any concerns about the direction of the sim. Please feel free to find me on IRC, send me a private message through the site, or even email the command list.

Also, as you may have noticed in my last log, we have started a new mission. It is called "Holy Cow". A briefing log with the senior staff will be started this evening. Any saved posts should be labeled as backlogs going forward.

Thank you,

Acting Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F


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