To Boldly Go...

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These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise...

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Included Missions

Reconstruction and Refocus

Post Count: 198

After many months out in the black of space the crew of the Enterprise is rotated out and a new crew comes in. The new crew must make final preparations to depart Earth, and head to the frontier, past the point of the former Starbase 204-B, Zetari Station and track down the source of a mysterious subspace signal.

Where no man has gone before.

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The USS Enterprise F launches from McKinley Shipyards with her new crew learning the ins and out of a completely new class of ship, her first mission, a shakedown and routine run to the edges of the Federation.

Suicidal Running Title

Post Count: 258

Some of the crew of the USS Enterprise prepare to head to a Space Bazaar and make trades for much needed medical supplies. The crew left on the Enterprise work to make final repairs after the Battle of Capalta Nebula.