USS Enterprise    [ View Specifications » ]
Main Bridge   The main bridge of the USS Enterprise
Star Drive Section Bridge   The special combat bridge of the Star Drive section of the Enterprise, during saucer separation.
Observation Lounge/Conference Room   The main Conference Room of the Enterprise.
Captain's Ready Room   The main office of the CO.
Executive Officer's Office   Office of the ship's XO.
Senior Officer Office   The standard office of a senior officer on the Enterprise
Main Engineering   The Enterprise's Engineering Room
Sickbay   Main Sickbay on the Enterprise
Science Lab   A Standard Science Lab
Adv. Science Lab   An Advanced Science Lab
Astrometrics   The Astrometrics Lab on Enterprise
Armory   The Armory on the Enterprise
Brig   The Brig. Where you end up if you're naughty.
Captain's Quarters   The private stateroom of the ship's Captain
Executive Officer's Stateroom   The private stateroom of the ship's XO.
Senior Officer's Quarters   The private quarters of a senior officer.
Standard Quarters   Standard Quarters for non-senior officers and junior officers who have earned the right for single residency.
Senior Enlisted Quarters   The private quarters of a Senior Enlisted (CPO/SCPO/MCPO/WO)
Standard Quarters (Twin)   Quarters for those officers not entitled to single occupancy space.
Enlisted Berthing   Crew quarters for enlisted personnel.
Crew Lounge "Shakers"   The main crew lounge, known as "Shakers", for rest and relaxation of the crew.
Main Mess Hall   The main mess-hall of the Enterprise, with the Captain's Dining Suite.
Transporter Room   Generic Transporter Room.
Environmental Control   Environmental Control Chamber on Enterprise
Cargo Bay   Cargo Bay.

USS Aquarius    [ View Specifications » ]
Main Bridge   The main command bridge of the USS Aquarius - the Enterprise's support ship.
Engineering   The Engineering Section of the Aquarius
Sickbay   Sickbay on Aquarius