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Posted on 241711.11 @ 2:55am by Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Ensign Ayissa Kharg

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Science Labs

The exotic turquoise white haired hybrid was sitting behind the desk completely absorbed in what she was reading. Ever since that first staff meeting and finding the DNA and having it lead them to Suliban and Xindi the then biologist had her doing extensive research on anything and everything on those two species.

Problem was there wasn't a lot most of it was from when captain Jonathon Archer and the crew of the NX-01 Enterprise encountered them. Adjusting her glasses she looked up at the wall which were blown up versions of the texts she was looking at. The problem with the accounts of the Sulliban and teh Xindi were well mixed her job now was to separate fact from fiction.

+taps+ Ensign Kharg could you please come to the archeology/anthropology lab.+taps+ Tiva said looking over captain logs, official reports and logs from crew.

+taps+ Be there shortly. +taps+

Arriving within a few minutes, as predicted, Ayissa nodded to the Biologist as she entered. "How can I help you, Lieutenant?"

"Uh ah ye.....yes ensign." Tiva said slipping her black framed glasses back on. "I just heard of the new parameters of the signal." Tiva said tapping a few buttons and pulling up some items. "I am still trying to verify some of these reports. seems that there is a chance that the Sulliban have been out here."

"I do not find that to be surprising. If perhaps a bit less ideal than hoped. How recently are they supposedly to have been around?" Kharg inquired.

"NX-01 Enterprise era." Tiva said pulling up some stardates. "I am also assuming you know that the Sulliban had access to temporal anomalies allowing them access to technology that shouldn't have been allowed in the timeline they were in. Hence how they got out here. Along with whoever they would like to bring out here like the Sequoia."

"Wonderful." Ayissa frowned, leaning closer to peer at the screen as the dates appeared on it. "If the theory that this is a trap continues to grow in likelihood as it has been, we are already probably very well ensnared. With a race that advanced at the center of things."

"Problem is I can't verify everything. Seeing as most of my data is personal logs, personal accounts of what has happened. Many of these officers don't have family so that'll make impossible to even confirm what they wrote." Tiva said sounding annoyed.

"Well, every account is worth something. Even if it can only be treated as circumstancial. We can correlate the supposed time and location of each, and compose a rough map. See if it appears whether or not that the Suliban are, or were, using this general vicinity as a way point."

"What do we have?" Maria asked walking in tired, aggregated and sick of not having the whole truth. Hell she was getting this from day one of her life.

Stepping out of the way so Maria could see the screen, Ayissa gestured at the information displayed. "A potential lead, for this new theory."

Maria looked at the Andorian/Orion hybrid was impressive especially how fast she has done it. "What am I looking at?" She asked looking at Tiva.

"Accounts. Personal logs, captain logs anyone and everything that had some kind of encounter with the Xindi and Sulliban. Accounts also revealing that the Sulliban had technology that they shouldn't have in that time period along with access to temporal anomalies. Explaining this planet and the DNA within the signal."

Maria nodded looking over the accounts. "This is good. All of it this is good. Problem is it's still just damn theories!" Maria snapped, ".....sorr sorry......." Maria said closing her eyes and taking in some deep breaths before opening her eyes. ".....okay this at least explains how the Sulliban got her. Question is what about the Xindi DNA?"

" there a chance that both of these theories could be true?" Maria said looking at Ayissa.

"If...the Suliban do indeed have the purported access to the technology as is speculated is certainly in the realm of possibility. That if there is a wormhole within this nebula, they could easily have the capability to manipulate said structure." Kharg replied after a moment's thought.

The doors to the lab swooshed open and admitted an engineer sporting a wide smile, "She's done!"

"Meaning it's ready to be installed on the deflector dish?" Maria said really hoping they were able to move forward. Crossing her arms across her chest so no one could see her hands shaking.

"Yup, I got the engineering teams on standby too!"

"Do it!" Maria said rubbing her temples. "The sooner we get this installed the sooner we'll get some damn answers!"

"Hold your Chula sticks.." Mallow muttered, tapping his badge, +taps+Ellenna go ahead and start the installation, let me know when its done.+taps+

He looked back to the impatient science officer, "40 minutes tops."

"Alright. I want you to monitor every single step." Maria said glaring at the engineer. Clenching and unclenching her fists. "Good work." She added before looking at the data before. "zh'Neilvvh how long do you need to verify as much as you can of this?"

"Yeah yeah, I'm on it." Mallow took his exit, less exuberant about the device named after an irritable science officer.

"Give me 72 hours." Tiva said simply watching the chief science officer and her erratic behavior.

Ayissa watched Hober depart and frowned. Eyeing Lionza for a silent moment, she felt an uncomfortable twinge in her stomach. "Perhaps you should grab some rest, Lieutenant." Was offered softly, trying to be as nonconfrontational as possible. "Since it seems that we have a little bit of time."

"Maybe you are right ensign." Maria said not realizing that her hands were now shaking badly. Without saying another word she walked out of the lab.

Tiva looked at the ensign. "Please check on her." Tiva said as she went back to work.

"Hmm." Kharg grunted in vague agreement. Though she was not entirely certain she wanted to do that quite immediately. It was that or go assist with the array installation. "I will look in on her." The Ensign obliged, though keeping her time frame unsaid. Turning, she too took her leave, letting the Biologist get back to work.

Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Chief Science Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant JG Tiva zh'Neilvvh (NPC abb StaySexy)
Alien Archeologist/Anthropologist
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant JG Hober Mallow
Engineering Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise


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