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JDL | SciO & EngO | Ens Kharg & Lt. Mallow | "Recalibrations"

Posted on 241711.11 @ 5:11pm by Ensign Ayissa Kharg & Lieutenant Hober Mallow

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Engineering

Trying to shake off the peculiar behavior that Lionza had demonstrated, Kharg made her way to Engineering. Hopefully close enough on Mallow's heels that she might still be able to help with something. This was something of a brainchild between the two departments, after all. It only felt right that she at least offer to assist, given that Maria obviously was not going to.

Hober had arrived to Engineering only moments ago, but already had the installation team buzzing around. Mallow was in the upper Engineering section, manning the main deflector controls preparing for the hook up. He had sent Ellenna to the sensor control conduit right behind the main deflector dish to re-initiate the connection between the Lionza Machine and the sensor grid.

The orchestrated chaos of Engineering never failed to instill a small amount of awe within the scientist. So accustomed to quiet, intense study that was often the norm of her own little section of the world. Though, it had perhaps not been so placid there as of late, either. Further quashing the niggling anxiety that lurked in the back of her mind over the Captain and her new Department Head, Ayissa returned to the more immediate task at hand.

Tilting her head upwards, she easily found the familiar figure of the Wadi Engineer she sought. "Lieutenant Mallow! Anything I can do to help?"

Mallow looked in the direction he heard his name originate and felt anxiety well up as the first thing he saw was a teal shirt. He did not have the patience for more of Lionza's sudden impatience. He smiled upon further recognition, "Ensign Kharg, come up here and I'll show you what you can do."

Giving a small nod, Ayissa quickly found her way up, coming to stand beside Hober, hands tucked behind her back for the moment lest she get carried away at the new array of new screens and switches to take in. "Direct away." She offered, trying to keep her attention more on the Engineer than give in to her desire to try to read each and every scrolling read out or studying the finer details of the control panels.

Mallow tapped a few buttons altering the readouts. "I hope these look a little more familiar," he said pointing out the new data streams.

"Remember the input I needed from you and Lionza? These are the data streams coming in with your calibrations. Instead of me trying to figure out its what you want, you can verify its working right now. We can calibrate it as it comes online"

"Perfect." Kharg stated, side stepping a hair to more align herself with the screen she was pointed at. Emerald gaze flicked over information pouring in, indeed finding it much more comfortable to peruse. "Though in truth, while i am delighted at the capabilities of this array, there is some wariness about what exactly we are going to discover here."

Tapping at a particular line of information, she pulled it up larger, brows knitting together as she studied intently. "We will need to divert some of the power into the section of the scans searching for planetary markers. But we can easily take some of the brunt of those designed for the biological ones. I do not believe we're going to be getting anything different from what we have already collected on that front. But I do not wish to terminate the function just yet."

"Planetary markers?" Hober cocked an eyebrow at Ayissa.

Blinking, having to shift her focus slightly, recognition and a flare of guilt passed over the scientist's face. She had forgotten. After having not wanted to trouble him with it when he was recovering...and apparently Lionza had not seen fit to share either. Pressing her lips into a disapproving line, she half-turned, giving Mallow most of her attention. "Most of our original speculations have been...altered, by information the Captain gave us upon our meeting to present our theories."

"So we think there is a planet in this soup of a nebula?" Mallow picked at his face paint in frustration. "This design could have been much better had we known that."

"I know." Ayissa answered, trying to hide her personal frustration and failing. "We do not have many definites. But what we were told does lend to the expectation that there is indeed some rogue planetoid within the miasma. One that I think we would be better trying to find before we are too close, if at all possible. As blind as we have been, I hope for at least some manner of idea what we are going to be facing before it is on the nose of the ship. Of course, this revelation has thrown quite the kink into our conjecturing, as well."

Mallow pulled his fingers away from his forehead and rubbed a fleck of paint that came off his head into a ball. He flicked it away into oblivion and took a breath before responding to the science officer. "It's no ones fault, least of all yours. Let's see what we can do with this new information with what we got."

"Ideally, keep us from completely stumbling into a trap." Kharg mused, turning back to the screen and information at hand. "That being said; I have to say that any species who can manage to inhabit a place within a nebula, with no solar exposure...must be very ingenious. I am curious, if it is true, to know their methods."

"Whether a biological or technological feat does not matter to me, I just want to ensure we are prepared for what may come." Mallow rotated to the opposite side of the console. "Looks like Ensign Jammer is ready to press go so to speak. You ready?"

Tapping a few more times on her given screen, the hybrid woman nodded. "Ready. Please begin."

Mallow tapped the logo on his chest and waited for the familiar beep of a channel being opened, "Ellenna start the hook up, we'll monitor and configure from here." He got a gruff response, and nodded to Ayissa.

"Let's see what we can do, now." Ayissa murmured more to herself than anything, slim fingers dancing across the screen before her.


Lieutenant JG Hober Mallow
Engineering Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise


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