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XO's Log Commander Williams

Posted on 241803.07 @ 3:49pm by Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus


Coop was stuck in multitask mode, he had two away missions plus the Captain's sudden illness. He sat in the Command Chair looking over system reports. One thing that stuck out in his mind was the number of crew that had reported to sickbay or not at all in the last 24 hours. He sent a message to Security to check on those that hasn't reported in to their duty stations. Then he stood and walked to the Turbolift. "Lieutenant Conrad, you have the bridge. I'll be in sickbay"

Coop walked into a sickbay full of patients. The major issue is that everyone was unconscious...very much like the Captain. "Dr Harlow what's going on here?"

"Unknown Commander. All we know is that after Captain Coo collapsed on the bridge, we've been inundated with crew complaining of mild headaches and then collapsing where they stand. I've run every test I can think of and some that have nothing to do with anything we're seeing."

"Harlow, please tell me there's a bright side."

"There is, it's nonlethal as far as we can tell. I'm running tests as quickly as I can."

Coop nodded "I need to know what's causing this. This is a small percentage of this crew...make sure we isolate those that are showing these symptoms...use cargo bays 7-9 as quarantine facilities. Keep me posted." With a nod from the doctor Coop turned for the door and tapped his combadge, "Williams to Bridge. Any word from the Away teams Lieutenant Conrad?"

"Commander this is Ensign Brightner. Lieutenant Conrad is being transported to sickbay. She collapsed in the command chair. I was just about to contact you. I've assumed command til you return to the bridge, Sir."

"Understood. I'm on my way."

Commander Cooper Williams
Executive Officer
USS Enterprise - F


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