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CALLING ALL CREW! [please read]

Posted on 241601.20 @ 4:52am by Lieutenant Jayne Nolan PhD

Calling all crew!

I know we had a crazy plot a bit before the holidays and the holidays caused a slow down, but I want to know who is alive? Who is ready to start playing again?!

Please email me at to get in contact with me, and let me know if you are looking to continue and we can start a joint log! Log onto the website too so we can see who is alive!

Something I am starting to do is logging the 'business as usual' on-board the USS Enterprise.

While we are waiting for the next plot to start I say get in some rest and relaxation. I am sure everyone can use a standard medical check up? Or visit 'Shakers' (our 10 Forward which is on 6 Forward :)? Or have a simple problem in your department that requires an engineer to take a look? Maybe have a plant or animal pop up that sneak aboard from our last mission that has been hiding that Science should track down?

Log anything business as usual. Don't worry about the next plot right now, just worry about writing a good story!

Hope to log with you soon!


Character: Lieutenant Jayne Nolan, PhD
Science Officer
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F


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