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Sim Update: Change in Command

Posted on 241601.24 @ 4:55am by Lieutenant Jayne Nolan PhD

Greetings Crew of the USS Enterprise, greatest sim in the fleet!

I know there is a lot of craziness that has happened in the last few months with this sim, but I want you to know that that craziness is almost over! As of this evening, I, Robert, have been granted the position of Executive Officer in an OOC sense, and permitted to run a NPC Executive Officer IC. This means any problems at all, with anything, please come to me first! (

My name is Robert, I have been a simmer with this org for 6 years, and am looking to rebuild it back to the glory it was when I joined. I know there are plenty of talented folks, just like you, that will help us rebuild starting from the ground up. Personally I have been all over this sim from a lowly Ensign Science Officer to a Director of Starfleet Science, even the Commanding Officer of this very sim. I have been permitted the opportunity to try my best at rebuilding and reestablishing this sim.

First thing first: IF YOU DO NOT PLAN TO REMAIN IN THIS SIM: email me ASAP and I can remove you from email lists and the like. (Everyone has 2 weeks to decide and email me (11:59pm, EST, 2/6/2016), or you will be removed. If you were planned on staying, I encourage you to reapply.)

Second: Don't be afraid to hop back into IRC (, I miss seeing all your smiling... er... names.

Third: If you get eager to log, take a look at this log: ( Until further notice log 'business as usual'.

Fourth and last: There is a lot of things to come, but I wanted to give you a tidbit and some insight as to what is going on. We are still here, I can assure you of that, and I will be doing a lot of emailing and nudging and pleading for some activity. Expect a full email in a day or two with the outline and goals to come for this ship and crew.

Good luck and Happy Simming!

Executive Officer


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