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Acting Captain's Shore Leave

Posted on 241407.24 @ 8:17am by Acting Captain Mark Rhodes


The Command Staff already knows, but I figured I would let you all know as well. I am going on a short leave of absence effective immediately through Sunday evening EST.

We are almost officially ready to go to the Bimi Space Prime Trading Center, READ THE BRIEFING when it comes out. Stay on your best behavior. If you need an NPC for people on the station Cliff and Wench can take care of that for you, they have their instructions of how to play NPCs for you all.

First time in 5 months this young pup hasn't had to work either job on any given day. I am going to enjoy me some R & R and come back refreshed and ready to get to work.

Good luck, godspeed,

Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F


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Category: Out of Character