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Calling All Crew

Posted on 241410.20 @ 3:06pm by Acting Captain Mark Rhodes

Computer, open a ship wide channel,

Greetings fellow crew members. This is your Captain speaking. There are a few things I would like to address while I have a moment of your time. Recently there have been a few things that I as the Commanding Officer do not quite care for, however since certain things have never been said aloud, never been presented in writing, to address it on a personal level would be inappropriate.

With that being said I would like to state now that all subplots need to be passed through the Command Team. When we have members or individuals running side plots and subplots that the Command Team has no idea, it tends to put the main plot on hold while we adjust and accommodate plot points that effect nearly everyone. Because of that I am instituting a policy that requires all subplots to go through the command team before you implement them.

Next on my list to talk about is a switch in policy on this sim. This means that you are required to put in 1, plot related log within a week period. And that is the key: plot related log. Granted, we are allowed to post personal logs, but the requirement is for 1 log that is related to our main plot. When it comes to our log count, we will count personal logs in the count, so long as you have a log that pertains to the main plot written. Granted this is not really a switch in policy however, it never has truly been illustrated and given to everyone so we are on the same page. Sim reports will switch to a biweekly release.

Last but not least, something I want to talk about is my position as Commanding Officer. I know I have been slow at times to respond but I am turning that around. I want Enterprise to become the greatest sim in the fleet, but the night is darkest just before the dawn. Instituting these new policies is in a vision to invigorate this sim and build us back up. This is the USS Enterprise, Archer and his crew, Kirk and his crew, Picard and his crew. Looking to our source material, the majority of it is the Enterprise, lets do all that has come before us justice. Lets build this marvelous sim back up.

Good luck, God speed. Robert out.


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Category: Out of Character