Posted on 241402.18 @ 12:34pm by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD

Doctor Scarlet Rogers, only aware of her new orders for a matter of a day or two, was now walking to her new quarters. Her uniform felt nice to be donned again, her ginger hair in a messy ponytail. As she got to her quarters she smiled and allowed the door to open before her, "Holy Sh..." she began. The room seemed bigger and more modern than that of hers at the Pendragon. Scarlet dropped her bag on the bed and flopped on the bed herself.

Taking in a deep breath her smile remained. A fresh start, a new job. Hopefully new friends. She did have a slight itch to leave though, Scarlet did admit. One downside of being at a new place was that she didn't know who to trust, it was difficult. Always the realist, not the optimist. It would be a little bit better if she was a bit more optimistic.

Regardless, she had plenty of people to keep in contact with and was always excited to attempt to make new friends. For such a massive organization like Starfleet, most people seemed to know someone who knew someone. There weren't many unknown people in the universes, when it came to personnel. For that reasoning, one of her colleagues would know at least one person on board this vessel.

At least... she could hope...