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PL|CSCI|Lt. Larel|"Taking a breather"

Posted on 241405.11 @ 7:57pm by Lieutenant JG Valok Larel

=/\=Valok's Quarters=/\=
Valok sighed as he toweled off after a long sonic shower. He had been tempted to take a water shower, but knew that a sonic one would've been better for his stiff muscles. Slipping on a pair of sleeping shorts, he walked out into the main room of his quarters and sat on the sofa. He was tired, and a bit sore after spending so long sitting in his office working on his theory. He had become so focused on the work, that he hadn't realized he had worked through 3 duty shifts. A side table filled with coffee cups and dirty plates was the only evidence of how long he'd been working. Knowing that he was starting to wear out, he finally saved his findings and had forced himself to leave the work for a while.

Stretching, he felt a muscle pop in his back, and sighed. He would have to visit Sickbay if the pain continued. Letting his head fall back against the sofa, he said "Computer, play some music. 20th century Earth, artist John Barrowman." Moments later the cabin filled with one of his favorite albums. He'd discovered the ancient music while at Starfleet Academy. One of his professors of history had asked the class to research 20th century Earth, and prepare a presentation on popular culture of the time. Many of his classmates had chosen more well known actors or musicians, but Valok had decided that Barrowman was more interesting. Barrowman being a well known actor, as well as a popular recording artist was interesting to him, and he had really enjoyed learning more about the man.

Feeling himself fall asleep as he listened to the music, he stood and said "Computer, end music. Replace with ... traditional Vulcan mediation tones, half volume." Moments later the music changed, and he felt himself relax a bit more. He had never been a huge fan of traditional Vulcan music, but he had learned it had one good side effect on him. It helped him fall asleep. Padding over to the bathroom to brush his teeth, he smiled, knowing his mother would be disappointed in his use of the tones as a sleep aid. Moving over to his bed, he slipped under the sheets and turned out the lights. Not too soon after he was asleep, the tones having done their job.

=/\=End Log=/\=
Lieutenant Junior Grade Valok Larel
Chief Science Officer
USS Enterprise


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