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Posted on 241804.20 @ 11:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Terrik A’nahara

= \=Starbase

Lieutenant Commander Terrik A’nahara had just finished repairing the holo emitter arrays aboard the USS Artemis to allow the AI the ability to roam the ship freely once more when a Yeoman approached and handed her a PADD. She read it, and looked up to Artemis, “I. . .I’ve been transferred. To the USS Enterprise.”

Artemis smiled, “This is good, is it not?”

“It is, but. . .I was just getting used to it here,” A’na admitted. She then let go a nervous laugh, “But. . .to serve aboard the Flagship? My cousin never got that privilege! I have to go pack. I’ve been ordered to report there immediately! Take care, Artemis!” The Bajoran turned on her heal and jogged to her quarters.

It didn’t take Terrik long to pack. One medium sized duffle bag held all her possessions, and it took her all of twenty minutes to pack. Thirty minutes later, she’d disembarked the Artemis, and found herself walking along the promenade of Starbase One. She asked one of the Starbase personnel where the Enterprise was docked and followed their directions to reach the ship.

A’na’s older cousin, Terrik Roan, turned her towards engineering, and her grandparents helped foster her love of technology and learning what makes things work. The Terrik family was rich with engineers and scientists, and much of A’na’s education focused on both. At heart, A’na would always be an engineer, but she had an aptitude not just for technology, but various fields of science as well. Such a mix was a great combination for an Operations officer.

During her time on the USS Indefatigueable, she’d rotate between shifts in engineering and shifts in Ops. She found the Ops roll a fun challenge and cycled between postings as both an engineer and ops officer. She’d been excited when she was posted to the Artemis. It was her first Chief posting, and the Artemis had quite the reputation, what with it having been missing for so long.

The transfer orders came as a surprise since she’d only been aboard the Artemis for a short while. What came as a bigger surprise was her assignment as Chief Ops. She didn’t think she’d spent nearly enough time working Ops to warrant a Department head position, and certainly not aboard the Enterprise! She couldn’t wait to tell her family.

It didn’t take too long for Terrik to find her way to where the Enterprise was docked. She took a deep breath before approaching the airlock and presenting her orders to the security officers posted there. They directed her to report to the Captain, whom she could find in his ready room. She thanked them before taking another deep breath and actually stepping foot aboard the Federation Flagship.

End Log
Lt. Cmdr Terrik A’nahara