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Posted on 241509.02 @ 8:13pm by Cadet Sh'eik

Sh'eik sat in his recovery ward bed, sipping beef broth.
He was digging through a PADD he'd requested from a nurse, who'd happily provided it to him.

After several hours of 'Brain Games' to measure his cognitive faculties, he was back to where he'd been before showing up in sickbay all those months ago.
He dug through the aptitude tests, devouring the knowledge and spitting it back out for the tests, one by one.
He was pleased with his progress and his marks, so far.

It was unusual, for a Caitian, to be doing so well in the areas he was showing promise in, but he chalked that up to his mixed breeding, and the years he'd spent learning and honing survival skills. Caitians generally did well in areas of abstract, arts, sciences, communications... Sh'eik wasn't weak on these points, but did not shine as brightly as in others.

Sh'eik placed the PADD on the table beside his bed, having finished his tests. His mind turned to his position in life. What did he really want to do, how could he help the people that had rescued him? What could he give back, with his second chance at life?

Sh'eik reclaimed the PADD, and started thumbing through the open positions on the ship, a mind for the tests he'd done well in.
He had no illusions that he could just walk into a senior position, or even a non-commissioned one, just like that. But it was a good place to start grooming himself towards. He wondered what Captain Dhej would want, or if he could count on his sponsorship, for the academy program. He'd need it, even if he were going into a minor role. For good reason of course, it was no small thing working in space.

As a child, being born on a ship and spending his entire life there, he'd taken for granted the dangers of life and work in space. These were things academy training prepared you for. His mind rolled with ideas, and excitement. He knew what he wanted to do, and a lightbulb went on in his head, when he realized he could offer assistance to the Captain, while studying his courses. Maybe he wouldn't have to leave, to train after all...

=/\= End Log =/\=

Civilian Sh'eik
USS Enterprise


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