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Joint Duty Log - LtCmdr Rinehart, Lt th'Zarath & Dr Rogers- "Things We Don't Talk About"

Posted on 241408.17 @ 8:31am by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD & Commander Tierney Rinehart & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Suicidal Running Title

Walking the halls of the Enterprise during normal operating hours seemed a fevered task. Each look, each sneer, each whispered comment did nothing to move the young intelligence officer's spirits towards anything but utter dismay and continuous disappointment. She knew, deep in her heart and the quietude of her soul, that they simply didn't understand -- that someday they'd come to realize that she was one of them and not the outsider they'd forced her to be. The role was wearing thin, consistently being chased from the herd by all but a select few. It had left her to working most of her bidding from the Figaro, at night or from the sanctity of the Captain's own quarters. The latter of which, due to her own devices, no one was aware of. The rumors were there, talks about midnight strolls and stolen glances -- but they denied them the especially juicy material.

Why? The threat of death and pain that still lingered so heavily in every corridor post the attempt on her life by a bounty hunter. And now Scarlet, poor Scarlet, paid the price for that faux pas. Now was the time to end the suspicion within the ship, to end the contempt and captivity of the doctor in the Brig... And, perhaps, to save Vokar. The thought nearly made the starling snort, Vokar was a capable man. Instead she sighed as she paused in front of the engineer's door, her fingers gingerly pressing his chime.

Anger had propelled Thelin back to his own quarters as he thumbed the padd he had retrieved from Scarlet's quarters when the security officers had let him in to collect his items, it contained the codes needed to contact her former CO, someone who had given her advice in her time of need, the chime shook him from his thoughts and he looked up, antennae narrowing towards the door as he answered, "Come."

Drawing a deep breath, Tierney allowed herself to slip through the doors as they opened. The sight of the irritated Andorian was an imposing one and nearly sent her doubling back out of the room with wings on her feet. The idea of saying 'nope!' and beating it back to the Figaro was a truly enticing one, but she held her ground and allowed herself a taste of what true steel felt like. "I've come from the brig. I have news you need and a request from Scarlet."

"What can I do for you Commander Rinehart?" Thelin replied as he stood up slowly, his form unfolding and his undershirt shifting awkwardly over his cybernetic shoulder and arm, "And what kind of a request?" his antennae perked at the mention of Scarlet's name.

She watched him carefully as he stood to his full height, mindful of not dare getting to close to him. "A love note sent by your PADD to Vokar was intercepted and nearly cost me my life. The ship itself is at stake at this point." Tierney delivered without care for sugar coating, "but she's asked that I take you to the brig to see her."

"Hardly a love note, but I know to what you are referring," the Andorian replied with a slight tilt of the head at the direct comments of the young woman before him, "Whomever intercepted and decrypted the message is much... higher up than I had anticipated, I'm sorry that it bought so much down on to yourself." he continued before offering a slight smile at the last comment, "That, I believe I can do without much persuasion."

Nervousness had lead to a machine gun-like delivery of the reporting she'd come to make. She watched him watch her, her own head tilting ever so slightly to mimic his moves. He wouldn't hurt her, not at risk of Scarlet and so many others. If he did, they'd never make it out alive. Her mind whirled as a tacticians often did, coming up with plausibility and ways to deny it the a purchase of reality. And then he softened, smiled even and she released the breath she didn't realize she'd been holding. "Everything else can be remedied at this point, Lieutenant." His rank felt strange her mouth, "I'm not overly concerned with my own well-being, but Scarlet... She needs you. We should probably just leave everything else to the wayside and concentrate on her for now. Vokar is... Well he's Vokar. I'm not worried about him, he can handle himself." She nodded, punctuating her thoughts as she stepped sideways and gestured towards the door.

The Andorian nodded slightly as he stepped towards the door, grabbing his uniform jacket as he passed it, he swung it on in one swift motion and zipped it up and affixed his comm badge, "I'm sure he can, I had time to review the file on the USS Pendragon before my... change of career," he replied with a slight cough, "He is... different for a Starfleet officer, but still a force to be reckoned with, unpredictable."

"Yeah... Unpredictable is a good word for him." Tierney agreed lightly, not daring to go further than that. She knew Thelin was free of the sins that so many had accused him of, free of the tyranny people plagued him with. What she didn't know, yet, was if he could be trusted. Was he a friend or just another face in a sea of contrary foes dressed the same as sheep? The door hissed open and the slight little woman was quick to exit into the hallway, "Scarlet will be happy to have you for a bit." She offered instead, quickly jumping away from the topic of Vokar while out in public.


Scarlet was still pacing and still waiting for food. She knew Tierney would do her best, but she wasn't sure if security would allow what Scarlet had requested. Scarlet was unsure if this would also cause a backlash to her friend. She looked up and saw Tierney first and then Thelin. A smile crossed her lips but she remained composed.

Striding into the brig once more, Thelin smiled softly as he saw Scarlet, he could sense the anticipation in her and it sparked similar feelings in him, "Hey you," he said as he came to a halt before the forcefield.

Tierney was quick in behind the Andorian. Convincing the security guards to disappear was quickly becoming harder and harder -- especially with multiple visits a day. It was one thing for her to drop the fields and sit with Scarlet, easily brushed under the rug as interrogation tactics. It was another thing entirely to try and hide Thelin being in there with the doctor. Quickly she commandeered a panel, her fingers flying as she dropped the security cameras and changed the logs with override codes Starfleet would have blanched if they knew how she was using such power. "You have five minutes." She said, the force field dropping with a crackle, "Starting now." A beep from the console announced a timer had indeed been set.

Scarlet smiled and remained still, she didn't want to exit the cell at all. She looked at Thelin and her smile grew. Freedom was less than a few steps away, but she dare not take it. The only freedom she wanted was the freedom to be held just like she had requested on Thelin's first visit. Of course he had visited many times since, but nothing like this. Scarlet just needed him, so very much. She had always believed that the Andorian connection between lovers was a myth, but from the days of separation, she knew it was true in her very being. They needed to be reunited or Scarlet didn't know what she'd do. Waiting for Thelin to walk up to her was agony. He was right there and yet so far away.

As soon as the field had dropped and everything sorted, Thelin launched himself at Scarlet and scooped her up in his arms, pulling her tight to him and kissing her softly, he'd missed the feel of her and the connection they shared had been near unbearable when they were apart.

Scarlet started crying with happiness putting her head on his chest listening to his heart beat after she'd broken the kiss. Oh how she had missed him. She felt his arms holding her, so gently, and yet firm. Her feet soon returned to the floor and her arms went around his waist in a loving embrace.

"I've missed you," the Andorian whispered as he kissed her softly on the forehead, his antennae narrowing towards the young redhead and bringing their connection ever so much closer.

"I've missed you so much," she smiled through her tears, "I know you've visited plenty but nothing is like this."

Holding her in his arms was a welcome change to the last few days, the Andorian wept gently as he kissed her again softly.

Love like this in modern society was still a gift in nature. Andorian connections were special, and most certainly real. With the gentle touch of Thelin's lips, Scarlet started to feel a lot better. Her stress depleted, her pain eased, everything felt so much better. Even if this peace only lasted for a mere five minutes, it would be worth it. Part of her hoped that it would just remain until the end of her stay here. She knew in her heart that this would be a one off and it would never happen again, nor would she want to get Tierney into any more trouble. Scarlet looked over to Tierney and mouthed 'thank you' to her before looking back up to Thelin and kissing him softly.

"We had better get going before anyone gets suspicious," Thelin stated as he broke the kiss and turned to give a nod to Tierney, she had given him something that he needed and he'd be eternally greatful for it."

Scarlet felt broken inside at the thought of him leaving but forced a smile as she watched him leave, "I love you."


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