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241407.xx || Dr Rogers & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath || Boldy Gone

Posted on 241408.17 @ 3:42pm by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Suicidal Running Title

Being back in her quarters, and free of conviction, more or less, Scarlet enjoyed the solitude of her humble abode. Looking to the door and she lay on her sofa she smiled as Thelin walked in holding his PADD, "What have you got there?"

"Engineering manifests," the Andorian replied as he moved over to her and kissed her quickly on the lips, "It would seem a few things are missing from our supplies, I need to go and see the merchant and make sure it gets corrected or we could find ourselves adrift if we take any damage,"

"How odd," she smiled and stretched a little, sitting up.

"I was thinking of heading down there now, he should still be around," Thelin responded quickly, "Want to join me? There is a security escort waiting at the gangway."

Scarlet mulled over the question for a moment, "Sure. I need some fresh air, I'm sick of the inside of this ship at this present time."

"I'm not surprised," the Andorian replied as he took her hand and pulled her to her feet, "Get your jacket and badge on then."

Scarlet leant over to the chair opposite and put on her jacket and badge and held Thelin's hand to walk out.

=/\= Some Time Later, Marketplace, Bimi Trading Station =/\=

Striding through the crowds, followed closely by a pair of security officers, Thelin and Scarlet were watched by unseen eyes as they made their way to the supplier who was supposed to have delivered the items to the Enterprise.

Scarlet walked close to Thelin. She was nervous about being here after the incident but also something didn't feel right, "Thelin?" Scarlet nodded towards some people who were watching them.

"Don't worry about them, they're probably just shocked seeing you back on your feet and back here so soon after what happened," the Andorian replied as he pulled her close and held her tight.

She looked up and smiled, "It is nice to see freedom in health and physically."

Approaching the stall they were looking for, the Andorian placed a smile onto his face as he noticed the merchant, they moved to the stall and Thelin placed his hands down on the table, "I've just noticed that we're missing a few things from our supplies."

"I never mess up an order, you must be mistaken," The merchant replied scratching his stubbled beard, lazily.

Out of the corner of his eye, Thelin noticed a pair of cloaked men moving through the crowd, they didn't seem to be heading their direction but suddenly a pair of plasma blasts struck out from hidden weapons and hit the security escorts flat in the chest, both of them dropped to the floor and another two cloaked men moved up behind Thelin and Scarlet, they grabbed a hold of the two Starfleet Officers and pressed hyposprays to their necks, a sedative that knocked them out within seconds.

Scarlet's adrenaline levels rose dramatically. Not again, she thought. Collapsing into the arms of her captors she feared for her life.

"Package secured, Mr Green will be very happy." one of them said as Thelin drifted into unconsciousness, the last thing he remembered was the initial whine of a transporter.

=/\= Bimi Trading Station, Standard Orbit =/\=

When the Starfleet Officers and their captors had disappeared from the station, a Klingon ship broke free from its moorings and moved away from the station at maximum impulse, the cloaking device activating within seconds and covering their escape.

Scarlet groaned as she stirred from slumber. Her eyes fluttered open to see Thelin already awake and holding her tight, "Thelin? Are you ok? Where are we?" She blinked to regain her sight fully and looked around the room they were in.

After waking, the Andorian had checked the door and found it to be unlocked, he'd looked up and down the corridor and had noticed that the crew on this ship was mostly made up of Federation races despite the ship being Klingon in design, when he'd turned back into the room, he'd noticed a padd sitting on the pillow next to Scarlet's sedated form, it was this padd that he held up now and placed in her hand, "You might want to read this."

Scarlet sat up slowly and snuggled up to Thelin before she looked at the PADD properly.

"I'm sorry for the abrupt nature of your departure from the Enterprise and I too apologise for not being there in person to greet you, but there are things I have to handle," the message began, playing in the voice of Vokar, the Vulcan that Scarlet had served with previously on the Pendragon, "I've asked someone I trust to acquire you, I hope that they used as little force as possible."

That voice. She felt numb. She had only asked for help, why did Vokar want her?

"You'll be safe in their hands and they are bringing you to my location, I will be able to explain more then." the message finished and the screen flashed dark.

Scarlet looked to Thelin unsure of how this would effect their relationship. She knew that he was a man of integrity and he loved Starfleet. She didn't want to take him away from what he stood for.

"It would seem your former CO has plans for us, or rather... you." the Andorian said, his antennae flattening slightly against his head as he leant back against the cold bulkhead.

"Thelin," Scarlet said worried and quietly, her voice almost a whisper, "I'm sorry. I never asked for this."

"Whatever is happening, we're in this together," the Andorian replied as he leant down to kiss the young redhead on the lips softly.

Scarlet smiled softly, "We will pull through this come hell or high water, I'm not leaving your side again."

Lt Thelin Th'Zarath
Assistant Chief Engineer


Dr Scarlet Rogers
Assistant Chief Medical Officer


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