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Posted on 241708.29 @ 3:53pm by Ensign Ayissa Kharg & Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Edited on on 241708.29 @ 8:06pm

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Various Locations

.:// Lounge //:.

As the party started to wind down as she contemplated another drink her hand terminal went off alerting her to results. Grinning she set her empty glass on the bar as she walked out of the lounge and down to her lab. As she stood in the lift she looked over some of the base readings. "Something is not right with this?" Maira muttered switching from one scan to the next by waving her hands over the hand terminal.

.:// Science Labs //:.

"Specialist put coffee on and alert lieutenant's Mallow and Kezkhe that I would like to see them down here. Tell them I have something on the mystery signal." The specialist nodded as she went to get the things the ensign needed. While Maria waited for the two other officers she continued to check and double check hell triple check the results.

Maria than sent a message to the other science officer figuring that another set of eyes from science couldn't hurt. She knew she wasn't missing something from the scans they just weren't making any since like there was a puzzle piece missing.

Still riding high from the seeming success of the lounge party, and the several cups of bloodwine consumed therein, Ayissa arrived into the labs with a mildly confused expression. "What's up, Lionza?" was asked, dark brows creeping upwards towards her ridged forehead in curiosity.

"Ah ensign thank you for coming in.....I hope I didn't disrupt the rest of your evening." Maria said giving the ensign a small smile.

"Sleep is overrated." the scientist smirked, moving to pour herself a mug of coffee, albeit a little unsteadily, before settling down in the most convenient chair.

"Reason I called you in is that I have received some new intriguing results on these biological markers." Maria said tapping a few buttons and pulling up 2 of the unknown biological markers the 3D image of the bio-markers floated above the large pool table.

Sipping the steaming brew delicately, Ayissa stared at the imagery in silence. It was admittedly a little more difficult to push her mind to focus than she cared for; but she had stopped drinking a bit before most; and now was glad of it.

Hober Mallow all but crashed through the door way before it fully opened. Mallow had enjoyed the party; a lot. "I was promised coffee in exchange for my presence," he stammered.

{Shit! He's f***ing plastered.} Maria thought, "petty officer get the lieutenant some coffee. Lieutenant sit and just listen." Maria said sounding annoyed but also knowing it was slightly her fault seeing as she called people in after a party that had actual booze.

The petty officer nodded leading the lieutenant to a seat before going to get some coffee. "Here you are lieutenant." The petty officer said handing him the cup.

Mallow took the cup and held it with two hands gingerly. He let go a deep breath, took a sip, and centered himself on the seat, straightening out. "So what's all that?" he asked waving his hand dismissively at the floating holograph. He gave a silent raise of his mug to Kharg as his acknowledgement of her presence.

Maria just glared at the lieutenant. "These are the biological markers that are unknown in the signal we are investigating. What I need from you and engineering is this." Maria said pulling up specs for a piece of equipment. "This'll help us get a closer look at the biological marks. Can you and your team do this?"

Hober stood up slowly and squinted at the technical images glittering in front of him, "This looks like an amplifier of some sorts you want right?" He still held onto his cup of coffee tightly.

"Yes." Maria said, "'ll be an amplifier for the deflector dish. The more amplification the better. I'll ask again can you and your people build this?"

"Yes I can build it, though there are a few improvements I would make to this design." Mallow said hastily taking the question as a personal attack on his ability.

"Do what you need just get it built." Maria said feeling her edge waning.

Mallow ran out of steam and slumped back into his seat with a nod.

"Ensign Kharg. How much work have you done with DNA. Or at least modifying it?" Maria asked as an idea came to her.

"Not as much as I would like, quite honestly." Ayissa replied, nonplussed as she took another sip from her mug. "I've removed the Human component entirely from my search, for the time being. It just lent more chances for error. So far the closest comparison readings to the unknown DNA are forty-eight and thirty-six percent, respectively. And the latter was in relation to a Vulcanian species of crustacean. Somehow I do not believe that it is likely."

"The forty-eight percent match, however, was to an arachnid of origin from a Klingon colony world." The scientist continued, frowning pensively at the display above the table. "It also seems a bit far fetched. Especially with such low similarity factors, there is no clearer answer than we had upon initial discovery. However, with the two highest being of a loosely similar correlation, I could tentatively postulate that we might be looking at some sort of insectoid life form. Either in combination with the Humanoid or not, that is still unclear. Perhaps after we are able to isolate it a bit better." She finally finished, flashing a soft smile to the Engineer over the rim of her coffee cup.

Maria eyes glimmered hearing about the arachnid species. "Have you heard of the Xindi?" Maria asked looking at Ayissa.

Redirecting her attention to the Biologist, Ayissa arched a brow slightly. "It is not a name I am immediately familiar with. Is it Scientific or Colloquial?"

"The Xindi. Xindi being the overall name for the species while several different sub-species one being an instectoid." Maria said pulling them up, ".....apparently according to certain scientific texts they aligned themselves with the Sulliban for technology and all of that. This 48 percent DNA match could make sense."

"Oh, yes....right." Furrowing her brows in thought, it made the half-Klingon's ridges deepen ever so slightly. Lifting one hand, she rubbed at her temples wearily. "There were....four or five differing variations of the species?" Dropping her hand, Ayissa leaned back in her chair. "Not exactly my area of study, but I remember learning a little bit. Wasn't one of them a primate variant, as well?"

"Yes there was.....or still may be." Maria said looking back at the biological markers. "Again very little is actually known about the Xindi.

"It's a far better lead than we had mere moments ago." Kharg mused, draining the remainder of her coffee, and peering at the empty bottom of her mug, as if it might magically refill itself. "I can look into it further. Though, I think, tomorrow. I do not think my current status would be of any real effectiveness."

"Of course and thank you for coming in so late." Maria said turning to the two of them.

"See you in the morning, then." Ayissa nodded, rising from her chair. "Maybe we'll actually make some progress."

Mallow rose from his chair and made his exit, eyes glazed over.


Lieutenant JG Hober Mallow
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Ensign Ayissa Kharg
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