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JPL | All Crew | "What a Party!!"

Posted on 241708.29 @ 3:53pm by Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Captain Rozen Coo PhD & Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Lieutenant JG Jason Lucas & Lieutenant Jennell Forgrave MD & Lieutenant Shakkar Jontar & Ensign Ayissa Kharg

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Lounge

.:// Lounge //:.

After a few more double checks were done MK walked over to the small kitchen staff, bar staff and wait staff. "Alright as you all know allurers well come up on that board. Once the orders come in the bar staff well handle all drinks and kitchen food. Wait staff well obviously deliver and clear glasses and the like. As well as helping the crew navigate the menu and how to ordering tings. Questions?"

"Alright get done with any finishing touches. Doors open in 30." With that MK walked back into the back looking for Pim. "Alright staff is as ready as they'll ever be, you good?" MK asked looking at Pim knowing se hated these things.

Pim remained silent for a little bit. "I am good. I'll be back here. If you need anything comet me but.....yeah you know the drill."

"Yeah I do." MK said giving her boss a slight nod finding it odd how she has had so many lounge manager jobs she had. But either way MK needed to finish getting ready.

Jennell was the first to walk in, slightly early for opening time, but she was sure they wouldn't mind. She stood at the reception area waiting to be led to a table.

"Ma'am you may sit wherever you would like. Each table along with the bar has a menu and ordering ability right there. No more needing to wait to speak with bartender or waiter." One of the servers said with a smile before moving on.

Jennell noded, and headed over to one of the larger tables in the middle of the room. One of the servers approached her and she ordered her drink. A few moments later the server came back with a large glass of Cola. She'd discovered her love for the old earth drink after she'd tried it at a party.

Opposite the doors the doctor had walked through, another set swooshed to admit a mustard-yellow uniformed man with blue paint on his forehead. Hober Mallow tugged at the small of his back, feeling his uniform tunic bunching up above the seam of his pants. He scanned the room as he weaved through the empty tables. He looked to catch the eye of a staff member.

"May I help you?" A male waiter asked politely.

"It's a bit quiet in here for a grand opening..." Hober said quietly with a hand to his mouth, "Is anyone here yet?"

"I'll handle this." MK said walking over to the waiter nodding to him to move on. "Yes this is a grand opening but it's also on a ship which means people are on duty and can't make it."

"Heeey, I recognize you!" Hober gave MK a double finger gun and sly smile, "You're the one who actually thanked me when I came and fixed all these tables."

"Ah yes th the engineer. Well welcome and see how your handy work is working." Ramsey said excusing herself from the man as she headed back into the crowd to once again supervise.

Jason Lucas looked around the room quickly once the doors opened. He liked what he saw, an improvement on what he remembered being in this space before. It seemed that a new Captain and First officer weren't the only changes for the better. He wondered if there would be jazz music, he liked jazz and it seemed like the kind of place that would be 'cool' enough to play it in the background for the enjoyment of the clientele.

Captain Rozen Coo quietly entered the lounge and found a quiet corner of the establishment. As he sat down and punched in his order on the table terminal, a few moments later a young waitress brought his gin and tonic, the real stuff, Captains Prerogative.

Shakkar entered the lounge, figuring that it was the best way to meet his fellow crewmembers. He sat down and a youg waiter asked him what his drink preferences were. " Hmm." Shaker said, giving it some thought. "Do you have Springwine?" he asked. The young man nodded to the affirmative. Shakkar nodded in reply

"....sir we don't take orders that way anymore. Instead it's all by touch on these screens." The waiter said tapping a few buttons and showing the officer how it works.

"Oh wow!" he said, apologizing in the process. "That's a new one."

Hober watched the captain take a seat in a corner, Hober maneuvered himself in the opposite direction and spied an empty table. He took his seat and punched in an order for alpha-currant nectar. He awaited the drink while continue his scan of the room for either a familiar or approachable face. he came to make friends after all.

Maria finally walked into the lounge somewhat cleaned up. Mostly under her fingernails that had dirt along with dirt in her hair after she would rub her forehead. Walking up to the bar she put in her normal order looking around she took her drink and headed for her usual spot and took a seat.

Verdant gaze swept the small assemblage gathered so far as Ayissa entered the lounge. She had been expecting a much rowdier event; but no matter. Catching a handful of somewhat familiar faces, the Ensign hovered for a moment in indecision. Surely, there would be plenty to discuss with those already known, as much as one could in brief, business meetings for the most part. Someone new, then. Zeroing in on a teal uniform whose face she did not recognize, the half-Klingon moved to approach the Bajoran in question.

"Evening! Mind if I join you?" was inquired, brows creeping up towards lightly ridged forehead.

"The more the merrier! Go right ahead." Shakkar replied

"Perfect." The Ensign chirped, flashing a bright smile as she plopped rather less than gracefully into the chair opposite. Pulling the menu over slightly, she promptly scrolled through, placing her order for Bloodwine. Once completed, a pale hand was extended cordially across the table top. "Ensign Ayissa Kharg. Science Officer."

Shakkar placed his glass of springwine down and took the offered hand. "Lieutenant Shakkar Jontar, counseling." he replied. "Glad to meet you"

"Counseling, eh?" Ayissa nodded, half turning to accept her drink as it arrived, taking a long sip before continuing the train of thought. "That has to be an interesting position."

"It certainly has its moments" he replied with a smile.

Maris saw the exotic Klingon hybrid smiling she stood up and walked over to her and apparently someone else. "Evening." She said said setting her drink onto the bar.

Caught in the midst of another drink, Ayissa lifted her free hand to wave enthusiastically until she could manage to swallow. "Hello again, Maria."

"Ah hello again Ms Kharg. I am glad to see you at this party." Maria said taking a sip of her drink. "How have you been?"

"Quite well, thank you." Ayissa smiled, taking a small glance around the lounge once again. "Though I am not entirely certain it qualifies as a party, yet."

Shakkar just took a sip of his springwine as the ladies spoke, not wanting to interrupt. Noticing that they had finished he decided to introduce himself. "Hello," he said. He customarily stuck out his hand. "My name is Shakkar." He said in a friendly tone.

"Ensign Maria Lionza, biologist." Maria said as her elongated fingers wrapped around the man's hand and shook it.

"Pleasure!" Shakkar replied.

"New or brand new to ship?" Maria asked.

"Just got on the Enterprise recently." He replied.

Chuckling at Ayissa's comment, "guess that's true. From my understanding most of the crew is new which makes these things kinda slow at the beginning as everyone tries figure everyone out."

"I suppose that does explain the reticence." Kharg nodded, finishing her bloodwine, and reaching over to order another. "This event was a wise plan, though. Once everyone gets a drink or two in, it should break loose. My parents always did something similar aboard their vessel, when we brought on new crew."

Maria nodded again spotting a woman coming out from the back and making a beeline for the captain. "She's an interesting looking one?" Maria asked watching the Bajoran-Cardassian hybrid Maria's elongated fingers tapped against her glass of saki sensing something from the woman.

Ayissa gave a small shrug, after redirecting her gaze towards the woman in question. "Can't really say much, myself. Plenty enough people still look at me sideways on occasion. Much less so since joining up, though."

Shakkar nodded. Shrugging he took a sip of springwine. "But that's what makes the Federation so great in my opinion, the melding of cultures. Still, interesting."

Maria nodded but she still couldn't shake that feeling of something was off. Turning back to face the people she was conversing with she finished her saki and ordered another one. "So....Mr Jontar what is it you do?"

"Counselor by trade, with a little nurse on the side." he smiled

"I feel like we're just shy of a joke, here. Three scientists walk into a bar..." Kharg mused with a tiny smirk. "Well, I suppose close enough anyway. Both of you having more of a medical bent."

"Medical bent?" Maria asked.

"Biology, Psychology. Both are pretty well in the middle of science and medicine." Ayissa explained, swapping out glasses with the waiter that approached. "Though it's all pretty interconnected in one way or another, right?"

"Ah yes....some would argue they are miles apart. Seeing psychology as soft science and biology as a hard science." Maria said doing the same thing that Ayissa did exchanging out her empty glass for her new drink. ".....for me I don't think that way as long as we use our knowledge to discover new things."

"Semantics." Ayissa waved a hand dismissively. "Progress is made by new ideas and methods, and often by fusion of ideas and practices. The segregated way of thinking is merely a hindrance."

"Agreed. Shall we raise a toast to that?" Maria said with a sparkle in her eyes.

Shakkar nodded, getting a fresh glass. "Works for me." he said.

"I too concur." the half-Klingon answered, raising her glass to tap that of the others. "Now that we have that settled, whatever shall we discuss at length? Perhaps we can drag in another one of these people we are supposed to be meeting, here."

Maria smirked as she took a sip of her drink and looked around the lounge curious of who to bring over. "Shall we take the booth in the center of the lounge and see who comes over?"

Shakkar nodded in agreement

Hober was getting bored sitting alone and had already nursed half his drink without a word between sips to anyone. He spotted a familiar face amongst a group of teal coloured officers settling into a booth. Mallow got up and approached the group with drink in hand, "Got room for orange?"

"Fine by me." Shakkar said

"Ah.....yes umm.....we ran into each other at the docks?" Maria asked as she scooted over, "care to join us?"

Mallow took the newly opened space, "Thanks," he said looking around the table, he looked to Maria to respond, "Yeah, I'm the collision from the docks."

"Collision?" Shakkar asked

"She ran into me while in another world." Hober said taking a sip.

"Ah" Shakkar said in understanding.

Umph umph umph Maria said sipping on her drink looking at the man. "I think it was more of you running into you me as you were in a rush to get to the bars."

"My pace was a meander, saunter at best. You were the one roaming with the hellbent mission." Hober looked at the group of unfamiliar faces, "So what's everyone's names?" He asked looking for a change of subject.

Taking the invitation for interjection, the half-Klingon extended her hand across the table towards their new addition. "Ayissa Kharg. Freshest addition to the Science Department."

"Pleasure. Hober Mallow." He shook the offered hand. Hober looked over to the other teal officer, "Science as well?"

"Counselor, actually." he replied, offering a hand. "Shakkar Jontar, newly minted Assistant." he added in introduction.

Jennell saw a few of the crew she'd met at physicals and decided to join them. She walked over and smiled. "Good evening all." Then seeing Ayissa she turned and said. "So, how about that drink then?"

"Hey, Doc!" The Ensign smiled brightly, scooting over to offer Jennell a spot. Giving a sly wiggle of her eyebrow, she continued in a slightly joking tone. "Senior Officer is buying?"

Shakkar only smiled. "Doc." he said in greeting

"Well if the Senior Officer's buying then the CO's over there. Who want's to go break the news to him!" Jennell replied, chuckling.

"Not it!" Ayissa proclaimed, throwing back the remainder of her drink swiftly. "But I'm certainly ready for another."

Maria slowly sipped on her drink watching and learning so far most of her interactions with the crew have been good minus the one with Mallow.

Shakkar only smiled as he took in the experience. He sipped at his wine and chuckled. "Maybe we can get the Captain to come to us?"

"I doubt the Captain will respond well to being whimsically summoned." Hober commented.

"You're probably right!" Shakkar laughed.

"It's not a whimsical summoning." Ayissa protested. "You just have to pitch it right."

"Here," she continued, scootching out of her side of the booth, intercepting her newest drink as the waiter approached. "I'll bring him over."

Shakkar took a sip of his drink and watched.

Downing about half of her bloodwine in a gulp, Kharg approached the Captain's table, with a bright, if slightly inebriated grin. "Evening Captain. I was wondering if you would care to participate in an experiment; given that you told me you were a man of Science yourself."

Rozen sat at his table sipping his drink, so far this evening he had spent observing his crew, typically chucking to himself hearing bits of conversations and the like. Now the young Ensign bound over to his tale to make her request. He looked over the tops of the frames of his glasses and responded, "I am always up for a new discovery in science, how may I be of assistance?"

"Well, you see, we're trying to get a chemical bond to form via the assistance of a solution. So far there has been moderate success, but we could use a more wider element base to test the accuracy of the procedure." Ayissa grinned, tilting her head towards the group of crew in silent invitation. "Care to come give your input?" she continued, lifting her cup to her lips in effort to hide the mischievous gleam in her eyes, and failing.

Curious Rozen stood up, visibly mulling over the wording over in his head. He picked up his glass and took a seat at the table with some of the junior officers. "Care to elaborate?" asked Rozen unable to contain his curiosity.

Sliding back into her spot next to the Doctor with an expression of triumph, the Ensign gestured at the gathered group. "Testing how each of these individual elements responds to the introduction of a solution," she explained, lifting her drink, "And what bonds may be formed as such between them. It does help cohesiveness to obtain a certain level of covalent exchange. Would you not agree, Sir?"

"Ah yes," replied Rozen with a warm smile. "I think you may find redistilling ethanol of agricultural origin with an initial strength of 96% ABV, infused with botanical components of the Juniperus communis, mixed with carbonated water in which quinine is dissolved, poured over frozen dihydrogen oxide. Don't forget the liquid carpel of Citrus aurantifolia, along with some of the botanical exocarp for color. However that has always seem to be my favorite in this field of science," he winked and took a drink of his Gin and Tonic.

Jason Lucas had been on the Enterprise quite a lot longer than most of the people in the room, including the Captain, and he'd been sitting watching them so far, in groups, as individuals and now in the increasing size group that included the Captain. As someone who was familiar with Starfleet gatherings from an early age and having lived on board ships he knew how these things worked. As a youth and Ensign on his previous posting he had been to plenty of mixers, and thrown plenty of parties, perhaps too many. After 15 minutes, he'd decided to engage. As he approached he caught the tail end of Captain Roo's Gin and Tonic description. "Gin and tonic!" he added, "Mine too! Well Synthangin and tonic, although I may have bottle of the real stuff hidden away somewhere"

Looking down at her mostly empty cup, Ayissa shook her head slightly. "Most people don't want to know what traditionally goes into this. Even if I were to break it down into chemical compounds." That being said, she finished the last bit, and set the vessel down; content for the time being.

Maria gave the captain a slight nod before finishing her drink and ordering another one.

"They joys of being a botanist, and the son of a few scientists," chuckled Rozen. "I curiously made my first bottle of Gin when I was 16. The Juniper tree still stands on my parents property. I have never been able to taste a finer creation then that from home."

Shakkar sipped at his wine only to discover that it was empty. " Oh well." he said as he set his glass down. He rubbed his chin, contemplating whether to re order it.

Hober nursed his drink enjoying the company. "It looks like another round is about due!'

Chuckling softly, Ayissa pushed her empty cup a little further away, reaching for the screen. "One more for me, then I'd better switch to water. Wake up early and all that."

"Pardon me. I am gonna have to call it an early night." Maria said standing up and setting her new drink down on the table. "It was lovely meeting everyone." Maria said quickly leaving the table and the lounge and heading for her office as she viewed some of the results on her hand terminal.

"Who's left?" Hober said looking around the remaining group, "What's your poison!" Mallow was already tapping in a new drink.

"I guess one more wine wouldn't hurt." Shakkar said

Mallow tapped in half the order, "What wine is that...theres so many!"

"Oh! Sorry bout that." Shakkar replied. "Bajoran Springwine."

"Ah excellent," Hober said tapping his and Shakkar's next drinks in, "Any other takers?"

"Bloodwine, for me." Ayissa requested, leaning back heavily against the back of the booth, stifling a yawn with the back of her hand.

Hober tapped in the bloodwine, and press send and looked over to the bar expectantly.


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