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JDL | SciO & Bio | Ens Kharg & Ens Lionza | "A Potential Breakthrough"

Posted on 241709.04 @ 10:21pm by Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Ensign Ayissa Kharg

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Quarters

.:// Quarters //:.

Lounging on her bed, Ayissa heaved a deep sigh, flicking a fingertip across the screen of her padd. Eyelids sagging in mingled boredom and weariness snapped open swiftly as the readout of her last comparison scans came scrolling into view. "Ha!" Rolling to her feet, the scientist scrambled to her desk across the room, and the communicator that rested there. Keying it on, she could barely contain the fresh wave of excitement that now temporarily rejuvenated her. "Ensign Kharg to Ensign Lionza. I've got a new bit of information you might be interested in. Could you come to my quarters? I am currently in a bit of quarantine..."

.:// Science Labs //:.

Maria looked at the cold mug coffee on her desk she was hitting a dead end. Jumping slightly when her hand terminal went off. "Quarantine?" Maira asked but shaking her head, "......err never mind.....I'll give me five." With that she stood shut off her terminal before leaving her office.

.:// Quarters //:.

"Ayissa, wha what's going on?" Maria asked walking up to the door as it slid open but a field blocking any entrance or exit to the room itself.

Shuffling to the barrier across the door, Kharg dabbed at her notably reddened nose with a tissue. "Sorry for the awkward situation, but I am quite certain you would not like to catch this virus as well." She led in with, pulling up her padd. " I've found something that might help us, however. Here, I'll forward it to you real quick."

Tapping purposefully, the Ensign sent her information over swiftly. "I managed to dig up a few scraps about the Xindi, after our last meeting. There was not much; as you said, very little is known. But I was able to find some very old scans that had been stored from one of the initial contacts. It was enough for me to recreate some rough biological profiles."

"It was enough of a match, forty-eight percent, to the unknown markers that we are currently dealing with, that I found it too much to not be a coincidence." Ayissa paused briefly, giving the fellow scientist a significant look. " Of course, this is in no way conclusive. I doubt very much that we can actually accomplish more than directed speculation without a more tangible sample, even with the device the Engineer is helping to build. Though it might help to lend support to the theory."

Looking over the data it was good and she was also right it meant nothing until they had a fresh sample. Maria looked up, "this is good really good." Maria said starting pacing then stopping. "Question now is how did the Xindi and Starfleet get out that far?"

Offering up a small shrug, the half-Klingon frowned thoughtfully. "There have been documented cases of strange jumps through time and space since Starfleet first started venturing out into the unknown. Especially with ships that bear this same name. Nothing is out of the range of consideration, but that does not mean we should not first look to the mundane for explanation."

"That being said, however," Ayissa continued, turning her gaze fully onto the Biologist. "I think we have enough that we could present our findings to the Captain. Even if it is nowhere near conclusive, he would likely appreciate the information all the same. And perhaps he might have something pertaining to your question, as to this locale. The more prepared we are for what we might expect, the less chance we have of being caught utterly off guard."

"Agreed." Maria said as she stopped pacing. "How contagious are you? Can you leave with something to make sure nothing gets spread. Like you said we need to tell the captain and well you've done most of the heavy lifting you should be there."

"Considering I am experiencing the apex of symptoms, at this current moment, still fairly contagious. I'm certain a respirator would be more than sufficient, if you would be so kind as to locate one for me." Kharg replied, attempting to give Maria a grin, though it resulted in a brief sneezing fit instead. Blowing nose firmly, she tucked the tissue into a pocket. "I will work on disinfecting the rest of me in the meantime."

Smiling, "I think I can arrange that." With that Maria headed off to medical luckily they were very helpful and after 10 minutes she was back in front of Ayissa's. "Alright this mask acts like a force field air pass to you but not out from you making it a portable quarantine device."

"Perfect." the Ensign nodded, tapping at the control panel next to her door. "There, the field is permeable. If you would toss it through to me."

Tossing the device through the force field.

Catching it deftly, Ayissa tucked it beneath one arm. "Give me just a couple minutes to change, and we will go."

"Alright I'll be out here." Maria said as she walked over to the bulkhead and leaned against it while she waited looking over the data again.


Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Maria Lionza
USS Enterprise


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