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[Backlog] JDL | Science Department | "Doing Some Science"

Posted on 241709.10 @ 1:12pm by Lieutenant JG Jason Lucas & Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Edited on on 241710.14 @ 1:00pm

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Science Deck Meeting Room
Timeline: A while after the Senior Officer's briefing

.:// Science Conference Room //:.

Jason, looked around the table, he'd asked the new members of the team to come to the briefing.

"Thank you all for coming, I thought we'd benefit from a little brainstorming on our newly assigned mission. We don't have a great deal to go on, but many heads are better than one, so lets hear your thoughts, I'm a believer in there being no bad ideas and no silly questions". He knew that Lionza had been at the Senior Staff briefing with he Captain and asked her to lead off with what they knew so far of their meeting. "Ens Lionza, can you tell us what we know so far"

"Not a lot to be honest. These are the readings I am getting." Maria said standing up and hitting a button revealing a 3D model of the signal. "As you can see there are several biological markers some Human or some form of Human and something that's not Human and that biological marker is nowhere in our science database."

Kharg listened quietly as Lionza spoke, dark brows knitting together slightly as she observed the model now displayed before them. "Could it be mutation?" was inquired earnestly, peering at the unknown markers in mention. "Has there been comparison searches run, aside from the system not having found and exact match?"

"Possibly." Maria said looking at the Klingon hybrid. "Umm.....I have several tests running. Lieutenant can I borrow Ms Kharg for this mission having another set of eyes and hands well be very very helpful."

Lucas looked at the ensign, "Of course ensign, carry on, I like what you two are doing together. I assume you'll keep me posted"

"Excellent. I have a few ideas. If we can find anything even remotely close to a match...Or not, even, it will at least narrow it down from possible mutation or something that is truly completely new." Kharg added.

Lucas looked around the table at the assembled sub-dept heads and new members of the team he'd invited. "Other information on this that makes it more curious is that the area of space that the signal comes from has not been explored by Starfleet yet and that this signal is using a signature that corresponds to technology used by Starfleet 50 years ago, making the whole thing quite curious". He paused.

"I'm not sure how this helps us, but it sure is adding to the excitement and weird and exciting is pretty much what we do here," as he spoke he continued to look around.

"Again maybe," Maria said knowing that spacial radiation differs all over the galaxy. ".....I won't know until we get to the coordinates to run some tests and scans."

Ayissa gave a small shrug. "The point of this voyage, nay this ship, is to discover what there is to be discovered. I think we are well on track. We just need to figure out exactly what IT is."

"....there's just something not right with what we are looking at." Maria said setting the clicker down and took her seat again.

"I'll start running a DNA comparison diagnostic right off the bat." Ayissa input with a small nod. "Seems like a good way to start weeding out possibilities, at least."

Maria nodded and smiled at the other ensign. "The sooner we get some base data the better."

"Sounds like a plan, then." the half-Klingon smirked, already pulling out her padd to begin arranging the searches she wished to run.


Lieutenant JG Jason Lucas
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Maria Lionza
USS Enterprise


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