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Duty (Back)Log - XO & Eng - Cmdr Williams & LtJg Mallow

Posted on 241711.15 @ 9:32pm by Captain Cooper Williams & Lieutenant Hober Mallow

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Timeline: ~Before Entering Nebula~

.:/ Bridge /:.

Once again Lieutenant Baker, the acting Chief of Engineering, had passed off a bridge shift to Mallow. Hober was getting increasingly comfortable each shift, but he still very much preferred to serve his entire shift in the basement or meandering around the ship. Sitting at one of the engineering stations in the back of the bridge Hober scanned over data streams coming from ships systems. He filtered on anything that seemed to correlate with the time of entering the nebula. Very much a hands on being Mallow felt weary and his eyes glazing over.

Coop walked over to where Hober was looking over data "How we looking Lieutenant?"

De-glazing, Hober swiveled in his chair to face the caller of his name. "Uh...," Mallow took a moment to glance at his notes before facing the Commander again, "So far so good Commander. There has been an increase in reported replicator malfunctions since entering, and a few secondary relays have shown some flux in their passive operation matrix frequencies. Well within normal parameters, but we are investigating none the less."

"Good to hear. I wanted to appraise you of a post that just opened up...I feel you are the right man for the job...if you're interested"

"Post sir? I'm happy where I am, is my performance not good enough?" Mallow stammered wide eyed, he was sitting up straight now.

"Your performance has been excellent. Which is why I relieved Lieutenant Baker two hours ago. He is now just an everday engineer...but his replacement is you."

"Relieved? Really?" Hober said dumbfounded, "And me replacement? You sure?"

"Based on what I've heard you more than deserve it...and a promotion to full Lieutenant."

"And a promotion?" Hober reeled in his seat, "What about Baker?"

"Lieutenant JG Baker will be an engineer in your department. I've already instructed him to not give you an issue. I don't foresee him being anything but a model officer."

Mallow nodded in understanding, Baker would be probably even be happier without all the paperwork he always complains about. "One question Commander, I noticed on the schematics there are engineering quarters right outside main engineering. It is listed as chief engineer's quarters, but Baker never took up residence. May I ask operations to take over that unit?"

"Of course. You are the Chief Engineer." Coop smiled. He was happy to see a new Senior Staff Member get excited about his new position. "I'd ask you to get acquainted with Engineering...but you probably know the ship better than I do at this point." Coop chuckled

"There's plenty of secrets and surprises this ship has yet to reveal to even the Engineers that maintain her." Mallow grinned.

Coop grinned...he knew he'd made the right call, "I like your sense of adventure're a solid officer...keep up the good work!"


Commander Cooper Williams
Executive Officer
USS Enterprise - F

Lieutenant Hober Mallow
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Enterprise - F


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