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JL | Various NPCs | "The Twelve"

Posted on 241711.06 @ 12:32am by Lieutenant Maria Lionza

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Aurinia colony

" allowed her to leave the allowing that man to remain in her your life......" A raspy female voice said glaring at the much younger women. "I also know that you don't know where your daughter is. This isn't what this trial is about......we have people looking for her to bring her home."

"......this trial was called to determine two things 1) your guilt and 2) punishment." The elderly female said still in a raspy but saddened tone. Illyn was her protégé the elderly women taught her everything but she could send that Illyn was pulling away from the old-ways or in her eyes the only way.

Illyn wasn't surprised she was here hell she was more surprised that she wasn't brought in when she found out she was pregnant by a man that was not chosen by the Elders. Illyn closed her eyes as she worked on keeping her cool. She was one of the first to start questioning the way things were being done on the colony.

"......" Illyn started but stop not sure what to say. The Elders were right in calling for this trial. ".....the old-ways are just that old. Elder you were the one that taught me to look forwarded not backward yet......this," Illyn said waving her hand at teh proceedings. ".....this is all old and not looking to the future."

"Is that your defense?" A harsh male voice said his face was shrouded in darkness like the other twelve were. It was rare thing for a male to be an Elder seeing as that all of the Techeuns were all female. But when they were one of the Elders they tended to be incredibly vindictive and oddly enough that vindictiveness was against the Elders and Techeuns.

Illyn sighed knowing that her knowing that her mentor was also a rare thing. The Elders were at times myths in her peoples history and in other times they were the governing council and the head of the colony was just a puppet. No that wasn't her defense her defense was praying that her mentor would come around and find what she used to believe in. "No that's not my defense. I do not have a defense. Everything that the Elder's are accusing me of I am guilty of."

You could feel the glare of the male Elder knowing that the Techeun Coven kept the power in the hands of the twelve and as long as he was apart of the twelve. ".....that is a very admirable sentiment but," the male Elder started but stopped and took a deep breath before continuing, "......but I don't believe that one bit."

"That's enough." Illyn's mentor growled. "......I am sure that Techeun Illyn knows how much trouble she is in." The female Elder took a second before speaking again. "......detain her but do not lay a finger on her." Illyn's mentor said looking at the remaining elven Elder's. ".....any objections?" Somber nods granted the senior Elder's request of detainment and detainment only.

Illyn allowed the guards to escort her out there was no reason to fight it at least not now. This was gonna be a long fight a fight even if she loses it'll get into the public eye. Which in turn well force a revolution to get them out of the old-ways or the twelve well recognize that it might be a battle they can't win which against forces change.

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Aurinia colony


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