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Duty Log XO & CSec/Tac Commander Williams and Lt Rymer "You want to do what??"

Posted on 241711.04 @ 9:59pm by Captain Cooper Williams & Lieutenant Alex Rymer

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

=/\= BEGIN LOG =/\=

Alex had just finished his shift on the bridge, and given that they still had a few hours before planning to proceed into the nebula, he had some time to catch up on sleep. Though maybe not straight away, as the XO had wanted to see him. He headed down in the turbolift with a sigh. It usually wasn't good when the bosses wanted to see you, at least in his experience.

Getting out to Commander Williams' office, Alex tapped the chime and waited.

Coop had just sat down with his coffee and took a sip before he spoke, "Enter"

Rymer walked in as the doors opened, letting them close behind him. "You asked to see me, sir?" He said.

Coop smiled "Ah, Mister Rymer have a seat. It looks like we have a few things to discuss"

"Am I in trouble, Commander?" Rymer asked, raising an eyebrow as he sat down.

" you consider being out of uniform an issue?"

"Not if I'm off duty, which I technically am." Rymer replied, oblivious.

Coop grinned...he was going to have fun with this one. "Well it has come to my attention you are well past your point of promotion..." Coop slid a box across the table, "Congratulations Lieutenant."

"No I'm no-" He cut himself off as he stopped the box from falling off the table into his lap with his hand.

"Commander, I haven't even DONE anything on this boat yet, why on earth do I deserve this?" The newly minted Lieutenant asked.

"I wouldn't ask my Chief Tactical and Security officer to be a Junior Lieutenant would I?"

Rymer rubbed his forehead in confusion. "We already have a chief... I've seen him... once...." Admittedly the man hadn't done much, he loved to delegate.

"Dropped him at the last starbase we passed. I don't want someone I will second guess...I want someone who knows his job and can do it whether he's in the right or willing to risk it if he's wrong. What do you say Alex..." Coop extended a hand, "The Enterprise needs you."

Rymer was a man with a deeply guarded streak of honor. He was young and feeling as if he hadn't earned this yet, but it hardly seemed appropriate to tell Commander Williams to shove the promotion up his arse. All he could do was take it, and try to justify this mysterious faith they had developed in him.

So he shook the hand, still confused, and shut his mouth.

Coop looked at him "Something on your mind?"

"Just surprised by it, sir." Rymer replied.

"Don't be. I saw your Academy file. Your fast track to Ltjg wasn't by accident either. You have the talent to run a security department and be our senior tactical officer. Only the best is allowed aboard the Enterprise...departmental measuring sticks are made into chiefs and groomed for more." Coop hoped he was inspiring instead of freaking Rymer out...

Rymer smiled. "The jump from Ensign to Junior Lieutenant is a bit less drastic than that from Junior to Full Lieutenant, sir. I'm sure I'll adjust once the shock wears off."

Coop nodded, "Good. Your first task is to get acquainted with your department and get me a status report at your earliest."

"Yes, sir." Rymer said, taking that as his cue to stand.

"Carry on Lieutenant" Coop said.

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Commander Cooper Williams
Executive Officer
USS Enterprise - F

Lieutenant Alex Rymer
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Enterprise - F


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