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JP | CSci & CCns | | Lt Lionza & Lt Jontar | "Surprising Oneself"

Posted on 241711.19 @ 3:21pm by Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Lieutenant Shakkar Jontar

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Counselor's Office

Maria was surprising herself as her fingers hovering over the button to the counselors office. Like if her eyes got heavy her fingers fell and hit the chime as if she didn't have a choice in the matter.

"Enter!" Shakkar said in a pleasant tone.

The door swished open but the women still hesitated before walking in. "Lieutenant. Thank you for seeing me."

"No problem." He replied, smiling. "Won't you sit down? Can I get you anything?"

"Relen tea, please." Maria said walking in a taking seat. Maria was tired realizing that Vargas may have screwed her on giving her Jakk that was synthesized to be less effective. {That ass.} Her mind was racing which usually wasn't a problem but she just could get her mind to stop racing.

Shakkar ordered Maria's tea and a coffee for himself. He placed his coffee on an adjacent table and gave Maria her tea. He sat down in another chair. "Enough desk for one day." He thought.

"So. What brings you in?"

Maria wasn't sure where to start luckily her tea was delivered and she could take some sips while she worked on how to express what she was dealing with. "......I err.....sorry not sure how to describe what I am dealing with....." Maria said taking a sip of her tea again.

"Just put it in your own words." Shakkar said, reassuringly. "I'm here to listen"

Maria looked at the wall behind the lieutenant. "Th this is.......this is gonna sound like I am paranoid lunatic." Maria said setting her cup of tea down. "......but something doesn't feel right. Something hasn't felt right since we were given this assignment. An assignment that seems to be......well bigger than just finding the Sequoia."

Shakkar nodded. "I understand." He said. "A few others have mentioned something like that. Go on if you're willing."

"It it it's like the sir is thicker or something. Or there's something in the back of your mind that......that just continues to spread that paranoia and agitation."

"Creating a loop that feeds on itself." He said, understanding. "Does anything help?"

{One thing. Jakk. Yes Jakk helps. So yeah I’ll just tell an officer that I am addicted to Jakk that might compromise my duties but the whole doctor/patient confidentially thing well protect me.} Maria thought sarcastically to herself. “Answers.”

"Logical." Shakkar said, imitating a Vulcan. "One only needs to ask the right question."

“We have been asking the right questions. It just that those questions lead to more questions. It doesn’t help when not all information is given at the beginning.” Maria said making sure not make it look like she was blaming anyone for holding certain intel back.

"Ah. So the lack of information." He said in understanding. "Have you confronted the souce of the blockage?"

" umm this isn't working." Maria said standing and heading for the door. "Thi ummm yeah....." Maria said trying to keep her calm when she exited the counselors office. Frustrated that she allowed herself to come here.

"Umm...okay." Shakkar said. "Everything okay?" He asked, not knowing whether he had offended or not. Going with his gut he said this. "Perhaps it's best if we just reschedule. At your convenience of course." He smiled.

Maria heard the last bit but chose to continue to just leave. If she needed to see him again she would just show up.

Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Chief Science Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant Shakkar Jontar
Chief Counselor
USS Enterprise


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