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JP | ACO & CSci | Cmdr Williams & Lt Lionza | Reporting In

Posted on 241804.28 @ 10:04pm by Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Science Labs

Maria stood straight up stretching her back things weren't adding up. The DNA was showing Terran and then some DNA that wasn't in the database. The odd thing was the radiation that was found n the tissue samples and blood no sentient species should have it in their system. "Ah commander. Give me a few minuets," Maria said through the comms system seeing the commander on the other side of the mirror.

Coop nodded and waited patiently. He was impressed with this science team. He was more concerned with what was going on aboard the ship. The engineering team had brought back the entire database with no incident and Hober was busy sifting through the data. Coop would check in on him next. He tapped his combadge, +taps+ Lieutenant Rymer please report to Science Lab 1. +tabs+

+taps+ Ensign Kharg can you please come to the expo/xenobiology lab. Commander Williams is here for a update. +taps+

tagz Kharg

After finishing up with a much better autopsy then she could do on the runabout. "He was experimented on." Maria said tapping a few buttons on her hand terminal. Darkening the glass in front of them and pulling up her data. "Look at these DNA markers. They were Human at some point and either whatever this radiation is or someone manipulated his DNA."

"This is highly questionable work..." Coop said looking the data over. "If this is 22nd Century tech it could be secret eugenics least failed attempts...Any reason the radiation from the nebula might have started...or finished this?"

"Doesn't match the radiation. And no radiation can't change that fast. Especially in this area where space doesn't change all that much. But yes it is possible that it was a eugenics project but it was sure as hell was not one of ours. And again before you say no don't give me that line that we weren't messing around with eugenics before it being banned."

"Thought never crossed my mind. I did want to discuss with you an issue going on currently...people are lapsing into comas no explainable reason. Captain Coo is also in such a state. I need to know why this is happening and quickly...I've already ordered us out of the nebula. I want as much distance between us and that as possible."

"I'll need their medical reports. But I'm doubting it has anything to do with the nebula. Seeing that it should've effected us down on the planet and it didn't but I'll take a look into it. Also I want to hold off on sending a report in about this. As soon as we do SFI/DST (Starfleet Intelligence/Department of Science and Technology) well swoop in and take everything."

"I'll have the medical reports sent to you immediately. I've also planned to drop a communications buoy with a Biohazard Quarantine transmitter. Anyone smart will steer clear of the nebula. Anything else I need to know about what you guys found down there?"

"Ensign Kharg well have more on the SOS beacon we found. Also I highly recommend a field promotion to lieutenant junior grade she's been invaluable to figuring parts of this mystery our. We would not have found the SOS device without her." Maira said looking at the commander.

Coop smiled and nodded "Of course! I always take the words of a department chief into consideration for promotions. It sounds like she was quite invaluable down there."

"Thank you and yes she was very instrumental at solving this mystery or at least part of it." Maria said giving the acting captain.

Captain Cooper Williams
Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Chief Science Officer
USS Enterprise


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