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Joint Log || CO & CMO || "First Step"

Posted on 241805.05 @ 9:52pm by Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

As soon as she was on the ship, she headed straight for the captain's ready room. She had arranged for her things to be delivered to the ship and brought to her new quarters, so she didn't want to waste any time in reporting in and getting right down to work. Once in front of the door, she inhaled slowly and worked to calm her nerves. She smoothed the front of her uniform and straightened her collar, then...pressed the chime.

"Enter", Coop said not looking up from his reports

The door opened and Andraste stepped through. She took a quiet, deep breath to steady her nerves as she stepped up to the desk. "Lieutenant Andraste Vaughn, reporting in as chief of medical, Captain."

"Welcome aboard Doctor. Hopefully you're settling in alright?"

"For the ten minutes I've been on board, I've done well, sir," Andra said with an easy smile. "I reported here shortly after coming aboard, so I haven't had a chance to see much yet."

"Well we'll be docked for a few days...feel free to get situated and explore. Enterprise and SBOne are fun sights to see."

Andraste nodded. "I arrived at Starbase One a few days ahead of the Enterprise, sir, so I've been taking in the sights. I'm looking forward to getting to meet this ship and her crew now, though. It's a great honor to be posted here."

Coop smiled, "Indeed it is. When I was given command I only looked for the best and brightest. You definitely fit that bill. I have no doubt you'll do the line proud."

"Thank you, sir," she replied with a bright smile, trying to not look like some goofy new cadet rather than a seasoned lieutenant about to take over the sickbay of the most prestigious ship of the fleet.

Coop realized he was rambling...again..."I don't want to hold you up any further Andraste...unless there's anything else?"

She shook head head quickly. "No, Captain. I'm just looking forward to seeing the sickbay and settling in." If she wasn't careful, she might well start vibrating off the it was fortunate that he dismissed her.

Andraste hurried down to her new sickbay.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captain Cooper Williams
USS Enterprise-F


Lieutenant Andraste Vaughn, CMO


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