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Posted on 241803.22 @ 11:10pm by Ensign Ayissa Kharg & Lieutenant Maria Lionza

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Cave on the Planet

+taps+ On my way. +taps+ Glad that the communicators were still working. Collecting her gear Maria headed for where Ayissa was. The walk to where they were was short. "Okay," Maria said taking a breath, ".......lets go."

Half-turning as the rest of the party approached, Ayissa waved Lionza over to the cave entrance. Keeping her voice low, she gestured towards the corpse and it's eerily illuminated makeshift tomb. "Here we are..."

Maria looked at the secondary cave entrance. "There was no life signs when we did a sensor scan before landing, right?"

"No," Kharg replied, giving a small shake of her head. "There was minimal flora and fauna, but there hasn't been any humanoid life signs aside from our own." Pausing, the scientist tapped at her tricorder briefly. "Still showing the same."

Nodding Maria looked over to the security/escort. "Alright let's play this smart. Let's have out lovely escorts take a look first."

Stifling a small chuckle at the less than thrilled expression passed to her over Lionza's head, Ayissa quickly nodded her agreement. "Of course, Lieutenant."

Vrang rose from where he had crouched, gesturing to his Human counterpart to take the left while he moved towards the right. Phaser drawn, the Klingon male slowly drew closer to the body in question. Kneeling, there was a stowing of his weapon, and a quick scan performed.

"Definitely dead, unknown humanoid. The device shows no indication of being a risk; it is very basic in design."

Maria walked in. "Thank you." She said simply before taking her tricorder and scanning the device. "It's definitely active......but I can't determine what the power source is." Maria said pulling out what looked like a hyperspanner and started doing a secondary scan trying to see if she could trace the power source.

"They must have been in a hurry..." Kharg mused, also approaching the device. "Look at how quickly these seams were fused. Part of the housing isn't even sealed completely."

Hearing a soft crunch beneath her boot, Ayissa pressed her lips into a grimace. "Tvang, would you helpe move this ... elsewhere?"

"Right." The Security officer replied, putting his tricorder away, resting both hands on the metallic device. "Watch out for the other hand, there."

"Thanks," Kharg snipped back with no small amount of sarcasm.

Once they had gotten out of range of the body, the hybrid once again turned her attention to the matter at hand. Now that she could get a much closer look, its rushed design and subpar components were all the more apparent. "I think that whatever is coded into that signal was something that someone else did not want known..."

Nodding looking at the device. "Looks like they just mangled it together with whatever they had." Maria said looking over her hand terminal. "......if that is true. Why send out a signal in the fist place?" Maria asked looking at Ayissa not really understanding the technology-side of this mission.

At a loss for an immediate answer, the other scientist simply gave a small shrug.

"It looks like it was prison rigged." Ensign Gallia input, peering at the machine with a flat expression. "Quite effectively, if one assumes that is its origin."

"There's no penal colonies anywhere near here." Ayissa protested, but quickly amended, "At least that we are aware of. This anomaly could truly hold anything, I would wager."

"I do not believe she means an actual prison." Tvang added. "But the act of forging something functional out of what limited resources one has at their disposal."

"He was wounded." The Klingon continued, pointing to a spot on the corpse where one could still see charred marks on the remaining tatters of cloth and flesh. "So it seems that we could hazard a guess that he was either trying to keep this object safe, or to steal it from another, to bring it here."

"If we could figure out what it is even supposed to mean, maybe it would shed some light on why it's here..." Ayissa frowned, returning to her delicate prodding of the instrument.

Maria nodded looking at the body. "Okay. So was he shot for trying to dismantle or figure out what that is. Or was he protecting it?" Maria asked as a hypothetical. "Okay he's gonna need to come with us." Maria said looking at the security/escorts. "As for the device. Safe to move?" Maria asked Ayissa.

"Safe enough." Kharg shrugged once again. There had been no sign of adverse reaction when she and Tvang had shuffled it before. "I would advise we place it in a containment field as soon as we can, however. Just in case."

"Alright. Let's get this stuff to surface then we'll have our pilot beam us plus the body and device back to the camp." Maria said nodding for security to handle the body while herself and Ayissa dealt with the device. "We have 3 hours remaining."

"Shall we?" Ayissa inquired, gesturing to the device.

"I got it." Tvang replied, hefting the machine onto one shoulder. It looked mildly precarious, but it was functional for the moment.

"Alright..." Kharg nodded, her thunder stolen ever so slightly. "Let's get this body bagged up, then.." she continued, crouching down to better survey as to how exactly they were going to accomplish that task.

~~~~~ End Log ~~~~~

Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Chief Science Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise

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