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Posted on 241803.27 @ 6:56pm by Ensign Ayissa Kharg & Lieutenant Maria Lionza

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Base Camp - Planet

Once they got top side they were panting from hauling everything out. Quick communications with the pilot they were beamed about 100 m shy of the runabout. After a short hike to the runabout they got through decontamination they got the device and the dead body into the runabout. "Ayissa start with the device I'll work on our friend here."

"Think I have the better end of the deal." The hybrid mused with a sidelong glance at the dusty remains. "Set it here, please." Was continued, directed towards Tvang, who still carried the piecemeal machine.

With a small grunt of acknowledgement, he placed it where she indicated, and quickly moved to get out of the way, grateful his participation was done for the moment.

The body was in the back near the ramp sealed off and Maria was in a bio-hazard suit just on the off chance something came up. Making the first incision not glad that she had taken that gross anatomy class at the academy. "Well the phaser shot didn't kill him outright. But it was a fatal shot." Maria said looking up and out to the group. "There's gotta be more or at least a second body in that cave. "Cause he didn't shoot himself?" Maria mused to himself.

"Assuming he was even shot in or near the cave itself." Fero added. "We could go recon again, try to see if we could work out what actually happened. But it looks like this is...years old, at best."

"Probably longer." Ayissa inserted, though her eyes never strayed from her attempts to carefully dismantle the beacon's casing. "There is little in the way of flora and fauna here; not quite to the level where it would take extremophile life forms to survive...but it is not exactly a flourishing habitat, either. As such, the body has likely been exposed to far fewer decomposing forces."

"The ensign is right. If he wasn't shot these people wouldn't have survived. My guess is nothing can truly grow on this planet or at least not enough to support life even if it was just one." Maria said going back to her autopsy not sure what this would actually tell us. Placing a sample of tissue on one of the scanners Maria started a DNA sequence see what they were working with.

Finally managing to get a decent place to slip her tools into without fear of destruction, Ayissa peeled back part of a panel, the material letting forth a high pitched metallic groan.

"Huh." Was the first thing that slipped past the scientist's lips as she peered inside. "Well, we might have some answers after all."

"Good." Maria said as she was vexed by the DNA results. "He's Human or at least partly Human. There's other DNA along with radiation that I have never seen." She added.

Shoved between the mechanical workings of the device were myriad other items. Mostly paper; in uneven sizes, wrinkled and yellowed by time. Also there were several small vials, filled with unknown fluids, though by a single glance it was easy to assume that at least some of it was blood. Finally, a small chip, whose material origin Ayissa could not immediately identify, rested within the mechanics themselves, seeming to be the source of what information was actually being dispersed.

"Stop!" Maria said quickly seeing what Ayissa was seeing. "Computer containment field around the device." With a beep a field was quickly erected. "No one touches anything." Maria said concerned about those vials. "Tvang you think you can move the device back here without disturbing anything inside it?"

"Yes." The Klingon answered succinctly. Without hesitation, he moved to carefully pick up the box in question, taking cautious steps. Thankfully, it was not exactly a large vessel; not much space to traverse. Setting it down lightly, the Security officer was more than content to scurry back out of range, job complete.

"It looks like whomever that is," Ayissa nodded towards the dessicated body, "Gave their life to get this information out of... somewhere. I saw some formulae on a couple of the papers."

Maria was now cautiously removing the vials luckily they were in intact. "Okay ensign go ahead you can now remove the remaining contents." Maria said doing a visual and manual scan of the vials. "Hrmm.......looks like one is iron-based blood, one is copper-based blood and the remaining three I don't know. Gonna need to do further testing on all of them."

Stepping up, Kharg began to carefully and systematically removing the papers, first, forming them into a small stack. "I think we might want to get back to the ship sooner than later. As much as I would love to stay here and explore, it would be more conducive to access to our full labs and databases."

"Agreed. Alright get everything secured. Security to make sure we are not leaving a single trace of our tech behind." Maria said looking around the group. "Go." Maira said as she started securing the body and the other items she was working on.

Noone needed further goading, the promise of returning to a far more familiar setting more than enough to motivate all hands. In the matter of a little less than an hour, all was packed up, tied down, otherwise ready to go.

Settling in herself, Ayissa fastened her safety restraints, and began scrolling through what she had managed to scan into her padd during the rush. As Tvang sat next to her, a brief glance was exchanged, tiny smile lingering on the scientist's lips as she returned to the work at hand. Even if there was not much she could accomplish, every little bit was a help to get them closer to an answer.

Didn't take long for them to break atmosphere and start heading for the Enterprise. Was it wonderful to see it and see it in the same place they left it. After 20 minuets of traveling they were finally on their final approach into the shuttle bay. "Alright all samples and the device and body to the science labs. For right now only myself and ensign Kharg well have access to them." Maria said as the runabout landed.

As the vessel made dock, the relief within was palpable.

"Roger," Fero replied, rising and gesturing to the Security Ensigns in her command to prepare to follow up with the transport. "We'll get everything moved and out of the way. I'll be submitting my portion of the report post haste."

"I have to run to my quarters, real quick." Kharg inserted, tucking padd beneath her arm. "I'll meet you in the lab."

Taking acknowledgement as a given, the hybrid spun of her heel, practically sprinting towards the turbolift.

~~~~ End Log ~~~~

Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Chief Science Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise

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