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Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Lounge

Mixing a couple of drinks before setting them on a tray for one of the few waitstaff. Watching them head over to their table her mind wandering on why she chose to take this job. At the time it was again rebelling against her parents and escaping the pain of seeing her ex-lover everyday and night.

Along the length of the bar were random stepladders allowing the majority of the waitstaff access to the bar. Seeing as the waitstaff are Tellerites. "Where the hell is everyone?" Gav asked as he climbed up the stepladder. Gav and the rest of the Tellerites were a different breed they were sick of the argumentative ways of their people.

Chamilla just shrug looking around the empty lounge well almost empty. "Not sure." Chamilla said with a shrug sounding bored. "Keep a ear out, yeah?" Gav nodded stepping off of the stepladder. Watching the Tellerite walked away. Just as Gav walked away the doors slid open.

Seconds later two exhausted looking officers walked in. "I'm telling you something about this nebula is messing with the matter/anti-matter chambers." A Human male said sounding annoyed that no one was believing him.

"Gentlemen what can I get you? A stiff drink or caffeine?" Chamilla asked as she put things together. Even since they started chasing this whatever they were chasing she had noticed the uptake in caffeinated drinks.

"Two raktajino's." The other male Human gruffly said before looking at the other man. "And we have checked, double checked and hell triple checked." The man said getting really annoyed, "......and still nothing." He said as he finally took a seat at one of the tabes. Chamilla nodded for Gav to deliver the 2 drinks.

"Glek," Chamilla called for the other Tellerite that was roaming the floor. The Tellerite looked up and walked over. "......where's that inventory manifest?" Chamilla asked sighing slightly as she realized that she was looking forwarded to getting a inventory manifest.

"Working on it." Glek said sounding annoyed looking up from what he was doing. Going back to work checking things off of a list as well as marking some of the items priority and listing off while putting a quantity to some of the others. Seeing the list Chamilla called a meeting of the staff.

"Alright," She started making sure the PDDs were being handed out. ".......each PDD has been encrypted and a set-limit of credits. Glek here has kindly split-up the replenishing our stocks onto each PDD as well. As soon as restocking is done your RnR well start." With that Chamilla headed back behind the bar while the staff looked over their lists some sighing well actually all of them sighing with what they needed to do.

~~~~~ End Log ~~~~~

Chamilla Maera (NPC apb Maria Lionza)
USS Enterprise


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