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CO's Log Capt Williams

Posted on 241804.23 @ 11:52am by Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

~~Main Bridge~~

"Sir, we're just clearing Lunar orbit. On approach for Starbase One."

Coop sat in the Captain's chair and watched as the Fleet main staging area grew larger and larger. "Prepare to go to maneuvering"

Coop felt the decel as the Enterprise coasted towards the station. "Open a channel to the station please."

"Channel Open."

Coop heard the chirp of the coms "Starbase One this is the Enterprise. Requesting clearance for dock at Odyssey Dock 1A."

"Enterprise, you are clear to dock at OD1A. Welcome home Captain Williams."

"Good to be home, Control. Enterprise out.

~~A Short time later...~~

After docking, Coop opened a channel "Attention all hands, this is...Captain Williams. We've just docked at Starbase One for repairs and resupply. Until our next mission, enjoy yourselves while we're here. The crew is on shore leave as of 1300 hours. Department Heads, secure your departments and inform the bridge when complete. We've had a long mission, but everyone did their jobs and everyone came home. You've earned this rest. Williams out."


Captain Cooper Williams
USS Enterprise-F


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