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JP | CO & 2XO & OpsO | Capt Williams & Lt Lionza & Ens Olphes | "What did we pick Up"

Posted on 241806.25 @ 5:09pm by Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Ensign Jysyal Olphes & Captain Cooper Williams
Edited on on 241806.25 @ 7:08pm

Mission: Trader Woes
Location: Various Locations

".......piece of pinché shit!" Jysyal cursed through gritted teeth looking at her crystalline personal digital device and seeing what she didn't want to see. The problem wasn't mechanical which meant it was biological especially with the bio-neural gel packs. Whatever was effecting the bio-neural gel packs had spread to the optical data network and it was spreading fast. Time to contact the bosslet's and them know what was going and give them a basic timeline of when it all started.

Sliding out of the bulkhead she looked at her crystalline PDD sending a message to the bosslet's that she needed to meet with them. Collecting the data she disconnected her device from the ODN junction and making sure that it was all accurate and there. After collecting her other tools she entered the small operations office and headed for the small conference room. "Lieutenant." She said simply seeing that the second officer had already arrived.

"Ensign," Maria said nodding to the young operations officer. "The others should be arriving shortly."

Coop was just turning into the corridor when he heard the raised voice. As he walked in Maria was calming an operations ensign, "Ladies...I hope I'm not interrupting something important."

"No captain everything is just fine," Maria said looking at the ensign finding the Boomer to be intriguing actually she found the whole Boomer sub-sect of Terran's to be interesting. "The ensign here has found an issue. She believes we brought something back from the planet where we found that SOS beacon."

"Not that I believe lieutenant," Jysyal said putting emphasis on her rank, "......I know it's something from that planet." Jysyal said look at the readings they are the same that we found when we first discovered the nebula and planet."

Coop looked at them, "What did you find Ensign?"

"This......" Jysyal said pulling diagnostics of several bio-neural gel packs, "your team," Jysyal said nodding to Maria, "......your team brought something back with them. Whatever it visit's spreading and spreading fast." Jysyal said tapping a few buttons and showing some other scans, "and as you can see it's mutating."

"Then it's not staying here. Arrange for Starfleet Science to pick this up ASAP. Is there any way to contain and repair what's already been affected?"

"Not easily. We would need to strip and sterilize the ship." Jysyal said looking at the captain, ".......luckily with the Enterprise being the size that she is we can do this on the move. But it'll take science, engineering and operations to achieve this before we get to where ever we are going."

Maria listened and looked over the data, "interesting," she muttered realizing that this bacteria DNA structure was similar to the bacteria that effected her. "I need 12 hours I may have a solution."

"Ladies...the only thing that is going to work is teamwork. My biggest question is going to be which solution is viable on the move without major disruptions to ship operations?"

Jysyal looked at Maria. "12 hours. As for disruption that can't be helped we'll need to shut down area by area to make sure we get everything clean." Maria nodded to both of them before leaving the small room and back to her office to get to work. Tapping her fingers onto the table, "......hopefully whatever she has plan well allow us to do this without any disruption."

"Work together ladies..."inform me when it's completed. We're due at Keldor 3 in 36 hours."

Jysyal just nodded also deciding that her chief needed to know what was going on and that engineering needed to be brought in swell. If it came to dismantling the whole ODN network to cleanse the ship.

~~~~~ End Log ~~~~~

Captain Cooper Williams
Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Chief Science Officer/Second Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Jysyal Olphes (NPC apb Lt Lionza)
Operations Officer
USS Enterprise


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