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JP | CEO & Civ | Lt Mallow & Chamilla | What did I Order?

Posted on 241805.27 @ 3:26pm by Lieutenant Hober Mallow

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Lounge

Hober meandered into the lounge very much on autopilot and slumped into the first available seat he saw. The table was near a view port which offered a generous view of the star base at which the Enterprise was now docked. The engineer's gaze wandered back inside the lounge and to the center of the table. He flicked through the menu and punched in a drink order. He made half an effort to fix his posture, but gave into the fatigue and slouched hard.

"Table 3," Chamilla setting the drink onto the tray for Gav. Gav picked up the tray and walked it over to the tired looking man. "Your drink."

"What is it?" Hober had not really looked at the menu while ordering, as so much as threw his hand on the menu till it bleeped.

Gav shrugged and sighed, "how should I know? You ordered the drink look at your tab."

Rolling his eyes, he took the drink and looked up the name. He couldn't pronounce it. "Have you tried this before?"

"My people drink." Gav said, "alcohol would cause permanent damage to our bodies."

Mallow raised a painted eyebrow, "Fair enough." Mallow took a swig of the drink, "not too bad."

"Excellent," Gav said placing the tray underneath his arm, "if you need anything else my name is Gav. Just input your order and we'll get it to you." With that Gav walked back to the bar. "Appears like all ship engineers they don't trust the stations shipwrights."

Mallow returned to ruminating about the data they found from the ancient derelict. He was confident deciphering old technology was almost harder than working with alien technology.

Chamilla just nodded. "Well the more crew that come in the more we ca get a picture of who we are dealing with." Chamilla said watching the exhausted man.

Gav nodded still trying to figure the women out. There was something more then just making money for her here.

Pouring herself a drink before walking over to the mans table. Taking a seat across from him, "So," Chamilla started looking over the man's appearance, " you are the chief engineer?"

"Yes, that's me." Hober sat up a little straighter at the mention of his title.

"Here," Chamilla said setting a data cube on the table, "......this is a list of things I would like to add to the lounge." Chamilla said scooting the cube closer to him. "All simple but things that'll help make people feel like they are off ship for a little bit."

"There are proper channels for maintenance requests." Hober said, reaching for the cube anyways.

"Proper channels. So boring." Chamilla said taking a sip of her drink. "Don't you get tired of all your rules and regulations?" She asked.

Mallow raised an eyebrow over the rim of his raised glass, took a sip and lowered it revealing a smirk, "That's a line from a holonovel if I ever heard one."

He tossed the cube lightly in his hand, "I picked it up didn't I?"

"Yes you did," Chamilla said with a smile, "......interesting enough as soon as you picked that cube up you are now complicit in this little scheme of mine." Chamilla said with a smirk.

Hober's eyebrows furrowed, "What's on this data cube? What do you actually want done in here."

"Nothing major," Chamilla said smirking, "a few gaming tables Dalbo and the like. Ummm.......DJ booth and a small dance floor. Things like that."

"You want to install a night club on the Enterprise?" Mallow let out a small scoff.

"And why is that a bad thing?" Chamilla asked looking at the man. "I mean the lounge is a place to unwind and relax, is it not?"

"Sure a lounge, but...I have never heard of a club on a star ship." Mallow thought the idea was silly, but could not think of a specific reason why.

"This'll help keep morale up. Which I hear is important. So I suggest you get going on these upgrades." Chamilla said with a wink and smirk as she got up and headed back to the bar.

Hober was left with the data cube and a wandering mind. I wonder what games she has in mind, he thought was he took a sip of his drink. He picked slightly at the blue paint above his left eye, and could not help but smirk.

~~~~~ End Log ~~~~~

Lieutenant Hober Mallow
Chief Engineer
USS Enterrise

Chamilla Maera (NPC apb Maria Lionza)
Lounge Manager
USS Enterprise


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