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JP | Cops & OpsO | LtCmdr A’nahara & Ens Olphes | "Section by Section"

Posted on 241806.26 @ 10:18pm by Ensign Jysyal Olphes & Lieutenant Commander Terrik A’nahara

Mission: Trader Woes
Location: Operations Center

While the chief science officer was off doing whatever the hell she was doing to solve this problem. Jysyal went to fill in her department head. Pressing her hand against the office door pad hearing the chime she waited for the commander acknowledgement to enter.

The Bajoran was in the middle of reading through reports from her department when the chime to her door chimed. She looked up, "Enter?" She hadn't met all of her crew yet, given she joined the ship when they were on shore leave. She saw Olphes step in, and gave a small smile, "Ensign, what can I do for you?"

"Bio-neural gel packs are infected in these sections." Jysyal said handing her a data padd. "Both the commanding officer and second officer are aware of this. The second officer has been given 12 hours to find a solution before we have to start shutting down sections for a complete cleanse of the ODN network and bio-neural gel packs." Jysyal said knowing this wasn't gonna make the commander happy.

Running a finger over the ridged of her nose, Lt. Commander Terrik studied the PADD and furrowed her brows, "Twelve hours doesn't give us a lot of time. Perhaps we can isolate those sections so the infection, such that it is, doesn't spread." She handed the PADD back to the ensign, "Let's coordinate with Engineering to find a way to isolate these sections from the rest of the ship to stop or at least slow the infection."

"Unfortunately that's not possible. The virus mutates at every turn. Right now we are trying to protect the vital systems and data. But yes brining in engineering well help a lot just to slow it down until we can figure out what we are dealing with." Jysyal said looking over a report that just came in.

A’na arched a brow and tilted her head slightly, “Ensign, I may be new on this ship, but I’m not new to engineering and I’ve been studying her schematics and there are redundancies built in so we can isolate sections. What I’m suggestions is make sure systems completely bypass those sections. Work with engineering as they’ll know what systems to bypass. Unless you have another suggestion?”

"No ma'am," Jysyal said slipping her PDD into her back pocket. "I'll get with engineering right away to setup the bypassing."

The Bajoran nodded, "Good. I have one or two things to see to here, but I can be an extra set of hands once I get these things wrapped up. Dismissed."

~~~~~ End Log ~~~~~

Lieutenant Commander Terri A'nahara
Chief Operations Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Jysyal Olphes (NPC apb Lt Lionza)
Operations Officer
USS Enterprise


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