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DP | MAA | SCPO Thamme | "A Thing of Beauty"

Posted on 241807.04 @ 7:02pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Vital Thamme

Mission: Trader Woes
Location: Armory

For whatever reason Starfleet decided to go with a longer barrel rifle which didn't make a lot sense at least in Vital's eyes and in fact it put Starfleet at a major disadvantage with the rest of galactic powers. Then again with Starfleet being in this bizarre place of not being militarized while at them same time being force to be militarized Starfleet Security started getting more toys or the ability to modify they toys they already have.

Most missions ended being in close quarters on a ship or station or hell a colony. After several meetings she was able to secure a batch of old-school (2250s) phaser pulse rifles. She then added several editions like the 16 level power settings, multiple target acquisitions and a gyro stabilization she brought the weapons into the 25th century.

After showing that even after almost 200 years this piece of technology could still be utilized she was granted one of them as personal weapon. Which she installed a SD thermal scope and a biometric trigger which only allowed her to fire the weapon and it was a thing of beauty. Making a few minor attachments to the trigger adjusting it to fire on a hair trigger.

Double checking somethings she headed into "kill house" program. The program was perfect for training security teams and testing weapons. "Computer start program." Viral said as the holo-suite adjusted the surroundings. The set-up was simple hostage retrieval. 12 minuets later the simulation ended as Vital ended getting killed but the weapon did what she was hoping it would.

Ending the program she headed back to the workshop just to make some minor adjustments before placing it back into it's locker.

~~~~~ End Log ~~~~~

Senior Chief Petty Officer Vital Thamme (NPC apb Maria Lionza)
Master at Arms
USS Enterprise


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