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Captain's Log, "Taking A Break From All Your Worries"

Posted on 241909.11 @ 12:22pm by Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

=/\= Ready Room=/\=

Coop looked over the reports from this last patrol, his eyes exhausted from the last month on extended patrol. In that span, they had done everything from First Contact to Trade disputes and everything in between. He was ready for a break, but knew full well that was up to command.

"Bridge to Captain Williams. Incoming call from Admiral Carlisle."

Coop put down his PADD and gently massaged the bridge of his nose, "Put him through Lieutenant. Oh, and what's our ETA to Versailles?"

"We will be coming out of warp in the next 15 minutes Sir. We should be docked at Versailles within the hour. Shall I alert you when we are ready to dock?"

Coop nodded, knowing full well he couldn't be seen, "Yes, please. Inform all Department Heads of our timetable for the next hour. I want readiness and resupply reports to me before we arrive."

"Understood Sir. Putting the Admiral through now. Bridge out."

The blank screen was replaced by the Federation Logo before the familiar face of Admiral Max Carlisle appeared on the screen, "Captain. How was the last patrol?"

Coop sighed "More of the same...I feel like the galaxy will never see the end of chaos. You'll have my report within the next 24 hours." It was always nice to see his uncle. Being out near the edge of known space was tough...especially when family was days or weeks away depending on how badly he taxed the engines. "How's Earth?"

Max smiled "Still spinning. Although I feel your father is not liking retirement all that much..."

"How often do you hear from him?" Coop wondered. If the elder Williams was calling constantly it's a wonder Carlisle got anything done.

"Not as often as he used to..." Max laughed "He must be cracking your mother's encryption on the comms. Pretty sure she changes it every other day now."

Coop laughed, "I'll have to talk to him before we head back out. Resupply should only take a few days."

Max straightened up, "That's actually why I called, Coop." Max started "I'm taking Enterprise off the patrol route for a bit. Your crew has been working extra hard and deserves the break."

Coop raised an eyebrow, "How long are we talking here?"

"Till I need you. Get your crew some rest. And be ready for the next assignment. I'll be in touch. Carlisle Out."

Coop stared at the screen for a few minutes, unsure of what to make of that conversation. "Well...I was complaining about being on the go..."

=/\= End Log=/\=

Captain Cooper Williams
Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise-F


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