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Plot Log - Slight Detour Captain Cooper Williams

Posted on 241808.01 @ 11:29pm by Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

~~Main Bridge~~

Coop had bridge duty...which meant silent company. The occasional chirp of consoles, people looking at their screens. Coop was basically left alone to his thoughts. So the rapid chirping didn't phase him until someone called out to him. "Sir, receiving as distress call. It's a Bajoran Freighter. It's being attacked by raiders."

'This close to Earth? Someone has balls.' He thought as he looked at the data coming into his console. "Are there any other ships in the area?"

"Negative Sir. The Enterprise is the only Federation ship in the sector."

"Inform Keldor 3 and Starfleet we are going to be a little late. Plot an intercept course. Red Alert!" Coop watched as the lights dimmed and the red lights flashed. "Time to intercept?"

"Two minutes ten seconds."

"Pedal to the floor, Mr Marks. Senior Staff to the bridge!" No sooner had Coop uttered those words than the Enterprise dropped out of warp "Report!"

The Lieutenant at OPS was looking frustrated at her station "Sir, Warp Engines offline. I'm reading power fluctuations in the Deflector Array and the Starboard Nacelle."

Coop walked over to the OPS station "The Odyssey class is still relatively new...any chance of this being a slight hiccup?"

"Unfortunately I can't tell without running diagnostics..."

"Status on other systems?"

"Everything else is functioning. I see no malfunctions anywhere else."

A look of concern swept over Coop's face, "That's a very big problem...the fluctuations only targeting things we need for propulsion..."

"Sir?" Came the sound of a very concerned Ops Lieutenant.

"Even a lucky cascade failure won't affect one system. We can still fight and we still crawl...but we can't go to warp...something's definitely not right here..."

~~End Log~~

Captain Cooper Williams
USS Enterprise-F


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