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To live among the stars

Posted on 241909.28 @ 1:52pm by Commander Zachary DeVries & Ensign Rajnil Mukherjee

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Starbase Versailles

This was it. This was the day he had waited for his entire life. Today, Rajnil would join his first ever ship as helm officer, the USS Enterprise-F.

As he walked down the aisle, he could see the ship docked, undergoing repair and getting resupplied.

The uniform felt a little stiff near the neck, whether because of the fact that the uniform was new or probably because he was so nervous,he could not tell.

He looked at his new, shining Starfleet badge, and realised that he had much important things to do at first. He had to report to his Captain,or any other senior officer, as a start.

The station was bustling with people, and he stopped a guy who had his mouth filled with some food from a food packet, and asked him about the whereabouts of the Enterprise's senior crew. Although Rajnil could not understand much of what he said( as his mouth was stuffed with food), he concluded that perhaps someone was nearby.

He strained his neck, and saw two very official looking people, conversing with each other. One of them looked as if he could be a very senior officer.....

He decided that perhaps they could help him, and he went towards them.

Zach was not best pleased, He had a morning of meetings to setup with various department heads not mention the 6 months of ship reports to review but he'd been called to the docking ring. Apparently there was some issues with some of the supplies.

"I don't care what you were ordered Ensign" Zach stated looking over the manifest the Ensign had given him and comparing it to the one submitted from the Enterprise "We didn't request 600 self sealing stembolts so they are not going aboard" He paused for a moment looking at the new arrival who had approached, he turned to face the young looking Ensign "Yes Ensign?" He asked

"Well, I was actually looking for the Captain, or any other senior crew, of the USS Enterprise, and I was wondering if you could help me....", and saying so, he turned to look at the other Ensign, who was repeatedly going over some manifest, confused. He then again turned to look at the officer.

Zach looked the Ensign up and down for a moment "Well I'm Commander DeVries the XO and you must be Ensign Mukherjee, I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow"

Rajnil was taken aback, but then put himself together and stood in attention."It is an honour to meet you, sir!", saying so, he regained his normal posture, and said,"Well, it is just that I was asked to leave early, as they thought that perhaps the Enterprise could really use a new helm officer....When can I join?".

Zach smirked a little remembering a time when he had been as young as the Ensign in front of him "Relex Ensign, Get yourself aboard, stow your gear and get yourself settled in" He paused for a moment "Your first duty shift is tomorrow morning don;t be late"

"Sure sir!", and saying so, he beamed at the Commander, looking forward to a a life among the stars.

Zach couldn;t help but smile at the young mans excitement "Very well Ensign your dismissed" He replied turning back to deal with the stem bolt issue.

Commander Zachary DeVries
Uss Enterprise

Ensign Rajnil Maukherjee
Helm Officer
Uss Enterprise


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